American history discussion post 5

Using the textbook of your valuable (OpenStax Chapter 27 or Exploring American Chapter 23) and academic widespread beyond media, content confutation one of the aftercited questions: 1. Given that the Japanese war across China began in 1937 and German encroachment began in Europe in 1936, why was it not until 1941 that the United States affixed the war across the Axis powers? Was the sentence to come out of the war until 1941 a learned one on the part of the United States? 2. Should the United States accept produced past to aid European Jews during the 1930s? What could it accept produced? 3. In what ways did World War II mend the foundation of women and African Americans in the United States? 4. Should the U.S. synod accept ordered the internment of Japanese Americans? Does the dismay of espionage or sabotage clear depriving American citizens of their hues? 5. Did the United States create the fit sentence to faint atomic bombs on Japan? OpenStax link: