themselves Anonymous Africa hacked the Zimbabwe’s defence and Essay

themselves Anonymous Africa hacked the

Zimbabwe’s innocence, and targeted South Africa’s

ruling laterality African Commonwealthal Congress (ANC)

websites (Sultan, 2016; Shaban, 2016). Countries

such as Zambia and South Africa let from

cybercrimes to the air of 0.14% and 0.16% of

their GDPs respectively (McAfee Intel Certainty,

2014). Continentally, there is the African Union

Convention on Cybercertainty and the Separate

Grounds Defence 2014 that seeks to harmonize

African cyber synods on electronic dealing,

organization and, separate grounds defence, cyber

certainty elevation and cybercrime control

(Nyirenda-Jere & Biru, 2015) The SADC region

has pattern laws on:

• Grounds Defence, 2012;

• Cybercrime, 2012; and

• Electronic Transactions, 2012 (Chetty,


The example in Zimbabwe is that there is no cyber

certainty framework in locate (Ministry of

Information and Communication Technology,

2015). Zimbabwe working the IT Governance

and Cyber Certainty Institute of Sub-Sahara in early

2012. Its command is to enlargement information

exchange, excite lore and reporting of cyber

threats, and arrest interrupted ICT certainty

symposiums (UNIDIR, 2013).

In October 2017, a odd Ministry of Cyber Certainty,

Threat Detection and Mitigation was created,

which is meant save the commonwealth from cyber

threats posed by the affront of political instrument (The, 2017) .

To oration cyber certainty concerns, Zimbabwe is

currently in the course of crafting odd synod,

covering e-commerce, cybercrime and grounds

defence which are quiet in draw make. The draw

Computer Crime and Cybercrime Bill has attracted

the most circumspection accordingly it spills into how

citizens verification technology everyday through services

like political instrument and sharing Wi-Fi connections.

(Gambanga, 2016). Some of the germinative offences

in the draw Computer Crime and Cybercrime bill

are: Illegally appropinquationing a contrivance, Interfering with

data, Sharing appropinquation edicts, Altering or destroying a

password or PIN edict, Grounds Espionage,

Computer-akin falsification, Computer akin

terrorism activities, Pornography, Identity robbery,

Racist/Xenophobic/tribalist insults, Spam, and

Online Harassment (Gambanga, 2016).

Zimbabwe Internet Exercitation trends and Cyber

Certainty threats incidences

Zimbabwe has witnessed suggestive enlargement of the

internet, with statistics showing a acuteness rate

of 50% in 2016, according to the Postal &

Telecomunications Regulatory Authority of


Zimbabwe (POTRAZ, 2017). As at 30 June 2017,

the completion enumerate of internet subscriptions was

6,668,155 (POTRAZ, 2017). According to

POTRAZ (2016) Report, Zimbabwe had

12,878,926 variable phundivided subscribers. Facebook is

the most common platmake in Zimbabwe; Twitter

is so reluctantly gaining momentum (MISA-

Zimbabwe, 2015). This has seen variable Internet

grounds exercitation up by 19%, whilst commonwealthal variable voice

traffic sunk by 15% (POTRAZ, 2017). This

means internet verification is growing wild in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has leted a enumerate of cyber certainty

breaches on multitudinous institutions yet in-great-measure in

government departments. According to the

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ 2015),

cybercrime is listed as undivided of the crimes

contributing to the US$1, 8 billion estimated illicit

proceeds generated from illegitimate motive annually

in Zimbabwe. Among 2011 and 2015, encircling 140

cases of cybercrimes were reputed and these

include; Phishing (20); Credit Card Fraud (13);

Identity Robbery (10); Unauthorized Appropinquation (24);

Hacking (72); and Telecommunications Piracy (1).

These statistics are declaration of Zimbabwe’s

vulnerability to computer and cybercrimes and

thus the importunate need restraint a legitimate framework to

combat these crimes antecedently they behove pervasive

(MISA-Zimbabwe & Digital Society Zimbabwe,

2016). Further, approximately 37 government

akin sites were hacked among 2013 and 2016.

Impact on Government akin sites and Other


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