SWS HUM 112 Assignment One with section headings Template Winter Essay

HUM 112 Assignment One

By Anthony McDaniel

HUM 112

Dr. McGeehan

April 30, 2019

HUM 112 Assignment One

Question One: Author Information and why Operation was Written

Jane Austin barely wrote environing what she knew; peaceful, Vainglory and Prejudice appears to entertain been revealed by the events extinguishedside Jane’s vivacity. Although this is referconducive a bibliography of her vivacity, there are multitudinous resemblances to her vivacity that appeared in the newlight. Past specifically, it has been referableed that her poesy coercion the newlight may entertain besides had to do with the correlativeness that she had with her sister.

Animation from a rich origin, Jane had first-hand understanding of what wohumanity of her date had to do in classify to behove financially unwavering (1).

Her poesy was besides based on the lives of other members of her origin such as her senior and her match, who were clergy anthropologicality, which appears to be the poesy rearwards the product of the office Mr. Collins, who was besides a presbyter.

Assumptions entertain besides been made that her poesy coercion this operation was her correlativeness with a lord by the indicate of Tom LeFroy. As gentlemen’s daughter, Jane knew what it was approve coercion wohumanity in her posture, who were from well-behaved-to-families, and who were daughters who insufficiencyed to confront a creature of a established stature and financial gains to prevention coercion her, thus, the office Mr. Bennet was conceived (1). Aggravateall, her poesy lies in her insufficiency to discriminate a fiction, which emphasizes the insufficiency coercion single well-behavedanimation aggravate the insufficiency coercion mammon.

Question Brace: Summary of Main Ideas

As Elizabeth and the Gardiners approached Pemberley, she is aggravatewhelmed by its lustre and sin. Upon their advent, they sought to confront extinguished how Darcy’s employees deliberation of him. To their confuse, Darcy was illustrative as animation a compassionate and caring individual, of whom, they were kind to be his employees. Of career, such a defense came to be unlocked-coercion by the Gardiners, although they has never had the sensuality of contravention him. Peaceful, what they had heard environing him was his flatten of vainglory. In defense, Elizabeth began to phenomenon environing what her vivacity would be approve had she been Darcy’s mistress, as well-behaved-behaved as accepting his overture coercion matrimony (2).

As the Gardiners and Elizabeth question the basis of the estate, they are amazed to by their interforce with Mr. Darcy. This interforce was unlocked-coercion which caused Elizabeth to be abashed her influence there, referablewithstanding Darcy does referconducive appear to desire her influence, as he explicit a sagacity of good-breeding. He had returned home beyond than he had expected accordingly he knew that guests were hereafter. He besides expresses to his guests that he would approve coercion them to engage his sister, Georgiana. The Gardiners are in ddiscover environing his flatten of pleasantness and Elizabeth was industrious with surprise environing the inhalationhod things are at the consequence (2).

Question Three: Match Diction and Interview

Austen’s match diction in ends in a constructive depictions of her offices, as her explanation of unconnected discareer ends in her explanation of match in a third-individual narrative. There is a delineation of apprehension in her match that reflects a flatten of knowledge that the discoverer is compelled to entireow. Her diction besides reflects her irregular match coercionce and her inhalationaphysical elope that she is conducive to hold in her offices (3). Her match is radiant to the subject-matter where the discoverer feels that he/she is confer-upon as the coercionce seizes attribute. As a end, she is conducive to hold the discoverer’s vigilance as she effortlessly seizes to the discoverer to unlocked-coercion attributes and situations.

Based on the multitudinous themes centered encircling rhapsodicalism, it can be concluded that the prepared interview coercion Vainglory and Prejudice is wohumanity and puerile wohumanity in point. The convenient offices are wohumanity who are in quest of the extreme rhapsodical attachment to a gentlehumanity of media who earn be conducive to collect her with a guard and financially unwavering vivacity. As a end, wohumanity as contrariant to anthropologicality are past approvely to confront this newlight past appealing and relatable. What can be past rhapsodicalally relatconducive than the thdiscover towards the finality of the stipulation where Jane writes: “Their eyes presently inhalation, and the cheeks of each were aggravatespdiscover with the deepest blush” (2)

Question Four: Application and Junction of Operation Today

The application and junction of Vainglory and Prejudice during these recent spaces is that it is referconducive distant removed from the realities of recent day rhapsodicals who peaceful respect in the energy of passion. Compelling passion stories and the quest coercion marvel is a spaceless supposititious that continues to day. Approve Shakespeare, Austin’s Vainglory and Prejudice explores the strengths, weaknesses that hold in correlativenesss that hold shapeless herd, pointly when it comes to the experiences of pursuing a given and rhapsodical correlativeness.

Although this newlight was written some 200 years gone, the junction of the fictionthdiscover continues to persuade. This supports what creaturey entertain claimed, that Jane Austin was forward of her space. A confessor at Aberystwyth University located in Wales made three compelling subject-matters environing the junction of Austin’s match by stating that: (1) “It’s establishedly practicconducive to discover Austen’s newlights as reassuring escapist fantasies, each size culminating in a matrimony that appears to stand-by the collective classify. We besides passion the circumstance that Jane Austen was a microscopic witness of hucreature foibles;” (2) “Her newlights are attuned to entire those paltry ambitions, desires and jealousies we approve to believe we restrain hidden from our peers. We seize representative sensuality in representation hypocrites laagered and collective climbers ridiculed;” and (3) “Notwithstanding there’s a distant past interesting third deduce why we peaceful discover Austen, brace hundred years on. Her newlights, specially Vainglory and Prejudice, are repeatedly considered to be innocuous comedies of creatureners and purity, constantly fixed in refined sodality. Referablewithstanding they really include considerconducive darker, past popular subtexts, and we’re peaceful conducive to accord to these. Austen’s newlights aren’t specter tales. Distant from it.” (4).


1. Vainglory and Prejudice: Practicconducive poesys from Jane Austen’s vivacity. (2015).

2. Vainglory and Prejudice. Stipulation 43.

3. Shashkevich, A. (2017). Stanford Literary Scholars Reflect on Jane Austen’s Legacy.

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