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Studies feel shown that it is referable rare control Singaporean teenagers to bring indolent lifestyles. Abquenched brace in three indolent youths miscarry to engage the recommended aggregate of corporeal immateriality from the 2010 Political Heartiness examine. (Heartiness Preferment Board, 2016). The Lancet Global Heartiness concluded that Singapore is singular of the last careless countries in the globe (Vikhnod, 2018). A examine was conducted where 244 teenagers wore motion sensors control five days (including weekends). Results were the enumerate of steps captured during the weekdays was 16% past than weekends.

The political guideline of having at last singular hour of corporeal immateriality a day was referable inhalation. (Davie, 2014).

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The design of Rep with Steps is to tempt adolescents to be past corporeally careless with profits that can profit them.

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Proposed Solution

My Step Up Friend

Heartiness Preferment Board (HPB) can lay-open a connection application control teenagers designated My Step Up Fripurpose which includes comicalityctions affect exoteric tracker, purpose settings and challenges control substances to keep-a-share where they log in using their scholar identification.

There are weekly challenges where multiplyicipants are to succeed 100,000 steps perfect week to be awarded with 50 percent unpremeditated control either Subway, Grab or Golden Village (GV) movie tickets.



There are too kreferable challenges where multiplyicipants can incite friends to accompany. The kreferable has to realize at last 300,000 steps to complete pays affect careless initiation to SuperPark. In knots, it procure motivate each other to be past careless to complete the pays.


SuperPark, an indoor immateriality ring control full age

Control this catalogue to be able, HBP can experiment this quenched with a kreferable of teenagers control a month to subjoin feedbacks. If feedbacks are fixed, HBP can tweak some of the comicalityctions and air antecedently they can initiate spreading the message by advertising through political medias – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

Skip up control the impecunious

HPB can collaborate with the 3M and undignified trains to organise a rope skipping affection accident whereby teenagers are to clock as divers skips as mitigated. Control perfect 200 skips accumulated, a hinder of 3M protection and intimate products procure be loving to the impecunious. Trains can tool this immateriality during their corporeal advice (PE). Substances keep-a-shared in this accident procure be awarded with credits as courteous as certificate of competition.

HPB procure appropriate five trains to tool this accident control singular month. Feedbacks and observations procure be analysed. Behind prosperous feedbacks, HPB procure mean this accident to 3M. If accident is common, HPB procure tool the accident to half of the undignified trains in Singapore. Once the trains agrees to transfer multiply in the accident, the immateriality procure set-about during the train’s PE lessons. Teachers procure be tracking the enumerate of skips accumulated and grant them to HPB.

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Potential Profits

50 percent unpremeditated pays 9099

Subway, Grab and GV movie tickets are what teenager constantly investigate and most affectly to portraiture.

Firstly, Subway is unreserved control its exquisite and sound sandwiches. Furthermore, Subway quenchedlets are profitable countrywide. (See Appendix A) Hence, teenagers are able to munch sound and relish 50 percent unpremeditated at their retirement.

Secondly, there is an spike in the enumerate of commuters opting control referable-common hires balance taxis. According to a examine by the Common Transport Council (PTC) in 2017, the enumerate of commuters opting control referable-common hires rose up to 70 percent (Loh & Ng, 2018). (See Appendix B)

Grab is separated balance taxis attributable to its shorter abeyance season, enjoyment of booking, self-satisfaction, awe. (Wee, 2017). However, during peak hours or rainy weathers, there is a excellent surge in worth attributable to the excellent claim. (See Appendix C). These peak hours are usually environing 8:30 A.M. when priority of the teenagers initiate their collocatees. Having payed 50 percent unpremeditated control Grab rides can aid them obtain to collocate on season withquenched paying an rich fee as courteous as avoiding the turbid common transports.

Thirdly, teenagers usually purpose their train in the slumbering, just behind the scholar preferment purposes. Having 50 percent unpremeditated control GV movie tickets can fulabated the teenagers to succor their weight by watching movies with abated absorb. Worth control movie tickets are rich during weekends as courteous. (See Appendix D).

This pay can aid them to preserve money and relish their movie.

Lastly, exercising is a regular temper lifter. Having a workquenched at SuperRing carries manifold profits. There are profusion of comicality activities at SuperRing such as Valo Leap, an intercareless frolic that requires an singular to leap. (SuperPark). These activities capacity referable look affect a workquenched to the teenagers as they are unconditional and having comicality. Studies feel shown that politically careless substances feel ameliorate heartiness than those who are desert (Holohan, 2016). Substance with friends improves the temper of the singular which can too praccident moral heartiness issues.


Increasing carelessness

Firstly, it makes the teenagers corporeally careless. Since corporeal advice is multiply of their curriculum, they procure feel to keep-a-share in the accident. Rope skipping has manifold profits control growing teenagers such as fit coordination, bsingular hebetude, brain lay-openment and reducing influence (Hogan, 2017).

49225203556000002317115354809800-1270354746300Secondly, it profits the impecunious as they are substance loving a hinder of 3M protection and intimate products such as Nexcare bandages, cleaning toolkits from Scotch-Brite, awe. (3M). Most abated proceeds race are referable financially durable to exwatch such products. Control persuasion, referable having special products to tpurpose to their injuries capacity bring to pestilential. (Common Wound Care Mistakes That Provoke Infection, 2018). Providing these products are portraitureful as hygiene is dignified in the intimate. It aids binder cheerful-natured-tempered-tempered heartiness and decreases the chances of germs growing (The weight of hygiene in the settlement » LW Cleaning, 2017). This procure be a cheerful-natured-tempered-tempered convenience control HPB to unfold and lay-open past of such accidents.





Substance careless comes with profusion of profits to the teenagers. It profits their corporeal and moral heartiness. It reduces the imperil of moral heartiness issues such as weight as purposeorphins are released to exalt fixed feelings (The Weight of Corporeal Immateriality control Teens, 2013). To advance an careless lifestyle to the indolent teenagers, there must be profits to tempt them. Having catalogues that pays control substance careless as courteous as doing cheerful-natured-tempered-tempered deeds is brace ways to advance teenagers to be careless.

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