Optimum Growth Temperature for Streptococcus epidermidis Katy Essay

Optimum Augmentation Sphere pauseraint Streptococcus epidermidis

Katy Dangal, Candis Barrientez, Angie Wright

Instructor: Dr. Dakota Jackson



Often when we heard the order bacteria, we ponder of it as colossus sick notwithstanding in substance, the bacteria can be twain actual and indirect which can entertain arrogant application on our mass and environment. Incongruous bacteria entertain an optimum augmentation sphere. We wanted to face at staphylococcus epidermidis and meet extinguished what it’s optimum augmentation spheres, so we grew S. epidermidis in three sphere (20 °C, 40 °C, 60°C) which was frigid, dispassionate and farthest.

Behind the grounds was unmoved, we plotted those grounds on graph and parallel the absorbance roll at each sphere. The graph bud illusions that the S. epidermidis grew the best encircling 40 °C which was regulartled to cosmical mass sphere.


Cell is the mediumest individual of history and whole of unconcealed history on world fwhole into three incongruous lordship which are Archaea, Bacteria and Eukarya. Any organism in Archaea and bacteria are unconcealed as prokaryotes and any organism in Eukarya are unconcealed as eukaryotic.

Prokaryotic and eukaryotic portion-quenched chance of alikeities and differences betwixt them. Twain the prokaryotic and eukaryotic are moored of cell in which each cell inti by cell membrane and they twain besides entertain ribosomes. The prokaryotic cell imitate through the arrangement of cell non-location which is denominated the binary fission conjuncture eukaryotic cell used a incongruous arrangement of cell non-location which I unconcealed as mitosis which intervening cell cycle of augmentation and bud. Staphylococcus epidermidis is a Gram-actual bacterium, and epidermidis is individual of aggravate 40 repute which suit to the kind Staphylococcus. This bacterium is frequently regular-up on cosmical bark, and conjuncture generally innocuous, S. epidermidis has the immanent to account a assemblage of unprofiteffectual symptoms in us. S. epidermidis can besides be actual to cosmical mass beaccount they can succor us guard from other hurtful bacteria love staphylococcus aureus which can account bark contamination. Did you recognize that Staphylococcus is besides used to gain biofilms which is used on surgery and manifold other procedures? This is why it is leading pauseraint us to learn what environment pi their augmentation and what don’t. (Pavlovsky 2015). The scope of conducing this trial was to meet extinguished the optimal augmentation sphere of staphylococcus epidermidis. There was a alike trial which was conducted by Ketter 2018 in which they were effectual to meet extinguished how rank platelets can be stored conjuncture preventing S. epidermidis from gain-grounding on it. Conjuncture agoing on it they besides meet extinguished that the sphere indicate piercing role on S. epidermidis augmentation. We aroma this trial conjuncture using an boundary as a intimation in which they face at incongruous pH rolls and spheres. (Stavropoulous 2018) Pauseraint this trial, three incongruous spheres were separated which was exalted, subsided, and dispassionate spheres. The argue these spheres were separated was beaccount bacteria can gain-ground on farthest spheres which could be farthestly frigid or glowing, so we wanted to recognize which sphere achieve be imaginative pauseraint gain-grounding staphylococcus epidermidis.


This trial was conducted in the TCC Science lab beneath lab pedagogue supervision. The trial working with 250 mL of preheated young barren TSB instrument and then we assign 4mL of instrument into a innovating cuvette. This innovating cuvette with 4Ml of instrument was used as a broad pauseraint this trial. Once the broad was made, we then assign 10 mL of aggravatenight refinement S. Epidermidis to the pause of preheated young preheated barren instrument. We then assign the 4 mL of inoculated broth to neat cuvette and estimate it’s absorbance by inserting it into spectrometer which was broaded and regular at 650 nm. We estimate the absorbance at duration 0 to 20-minute rupture to recheck the bacteria augmentation. Next, we placed the retaining refinement in insinuate bath and regularting at 20? pauseraint 20 minutes. The absorbance was estimate from duration 0 to complete 20 minus which to-bootk aggregate of 80 minutes pauseraint each sphere. We had three trials at each sphere in which we repeated this arrangement on whole three of our sphere which was 20°C, 40°C, and 60°C. Once we unmoved whole the grounds, we then fitted the medium absorbance lection from three trials of each sphere. We then plotted that grounds and created a row graph which illusions absorbance lection of whole three sphere.


As we were conducting the trial, we got to behold the exaltedest absorbance encircling 40°C.

Teffectual 1: Medium absorbance at 20°C, 40°C, and 60°C.

Duration (min) Absorbance 20°C Absorbance 40°C Absorbance 60°C.

0 0.000 0.000 0.000

20 0.106 0.297 0.204

40 0.105 0.310 0.137

60 0.101 0.334 0.075

80 0.112 0.400 0.123



Conjuncture faceing at bud we as a class came to omission that the optimal augmentation sphere pauseraint staphylococcus epidermidis is 40°C. We dictum the exaltedest absorbance lection at 40°C as we were expecting to behold. Our grounds illusion alikeity with other trial which was conducted by Stavropoulous 2018 in which they came to omission that bacteria insufficiency entertain optimal augmentation on peculiar sphere. Which medium the sphere 20°C was to-boot frigid pauseraint them notwithstanding we were surprised to recognize that they did entertain a shapely augmentation on 60°C. Matter of occurrence they grew well-mannered-mannered-mannered on chief 20 minutes of 60°C which you can behold on graph aloft. The absorbance did went down behind the chief 20 minutes. Which medium the 60°C was to-boot fervid pauseraint S. epidermis to gain-ground. Notwithstanding this sudden grounds made me retain colossus which was that there are some bacteria which watch to survive on farthest sphere as well-mannered-mannered.

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