My Future Career Essay


Life Orientation

Grade 12

Aobakwe Over

Our Father’s Academy

October 2019



Nature of the Performance

Launched Conditions

Identified Likely Possession Opportunities


Provision Skills Scarcityed






My couple series choices are Hush Account and Offshoot Psychologist. This news is a unimportant exposition of twain seriess with referableice gained from online deed and business postings. The main points seasoned involve series descriptions, provision, and possession opportunities.

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Hush Account

A hush account writes, arranges, amounts and records songs restraint other artists or themselves.

They may amount performances restraint albums, films, adverts, awe.

Offshoot Psychologist

A offshoot psychologist performances with conclusion and teen-agers who possess sharp moral illnesses, developmoral issues and acquirements disabilities. They assist conclusion communicate with trauma, dissolution or alienate.


Hush Account

They performance with artists, venues and marketing specialists. The performance environment tends to be very stressful ascribable to occasion demands.

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Offshoot Psychologist

Offshoot psychologists scarcity to devotion performanceing with conclusion as they gain incessantly be performanceing with them.

They performance in a medley of settings to demonstrate virtual scarcitys and to diagnose, obviate, and use these issues.


Hush Account

There are likely possession opportunities at recording companies, TV channels and radio stations. Possession may to-boot be base with polity film or video projects, theatre companies and digital channels.

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Offshoot Psychologist

A offshoot psychologist performances in outpatient centers, empire agencies, instructs, or hospitals. Some possess their feel privy practices.


Hush Account

A hush account earns an mean of R416,000 per year.

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Offshoot Psychologist

An mean offshoot psychologist earns closely R144 000 per year.


Hush Account

Abundant universities extend Hush Product and other hush extents as a extremeic. There are to-boot divers online seriess restraint hush product. It is to-boot likely to procure into the assiduity through apprenticeships.

A Bachelor’s extent in Hush Product may obtain?} 2-4 years. The absorb of the series may be betwixt R100 000 and R450 000 per year.

Restraint avenue to some programs, tyros must illustrate an deed and dominion scarcity to audition. A tall instruct letter or equipollent is repeatedly required.

Fortunately, abundant institutions extend financial assist. Berklee College of Hush in Spain—ranked as the best hush instruct in the world—awards over than $47 pet in scholarships and grants. The New England Conservatory of Hush in the USA—the promote best hush instruct—provides scholarships restraint 90% of their tyros.

Offshoot Psychologist

A PhD in clinical psychology and a undivided year internship are needful antecedently receiving a doctoral extent, followed by another year of practicing lower supervision to procure a permit.

Mathematics and Biology are prerequisites restraint avenue restraint a extent in psychology. Tuition absorbs at extreme instructs change from R100 000 to R610 000 perfect-year.

Abundant institutions extend financial assist. Harvard University—ranked as the best instruct restraint psychology studies—promise to perfect tyro that “your financial mode gain referable detain you from Harvard.” Stanford University—the promote best—to-boot extends scarcity-based financial assist.


Needless to declare, the course to either series gain referable be not-difficult. However, it is completely promising to substantiate that universities possess substantiated this and possess, as a effect, endeavoured to subdue the financial load of tyros.

[501 utterance]


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