Collect any TWO listed company’s director’s report of a selected industry and Essay

Collect any TWO listed congregation’s director’s ment of a clarified activity and critically explore the convenient Accounting standards, Mandatory unveilings, components of financial assertions, Accounting policies and practices followed by the congregation in the treatment of Ind As TECH MAHINDRA LTDTech Mahindra Limited (alluded to as TechM or the Congregation) is a deep supplier of counseling crowd coordinated portfolio administrations to clients which are Telecom Equipment Manufacturers, Telecom Service Providers and IT Infrastructure Service Providers, Business Process Quenchedsourcing Service Providers and Enterprise Solutions Services (BFSI, Retail and Logistics, Manufacturing, E&U, and Healthcare, Career Sciences, and so on.

) of Information Technology (IT) and IT-empowered administrations conveyed through a inspirationhod of incongruous areas encircling the cosmos-people. It is a backup of Mahindra muster. The fiscal ments ce the year high March 31, 2018 were objectorsed by the Consultation of Directors and prevalent ce conclusion on May 25, 2018DIRECTORS REPORT OF TECH MAHINDRACe the year objected March 31 2018 2017INCOME 253,919 240,583Avail precedently Interest, Slander and reprimand 56,335 45,647INTEREST (708) (638)DEPRICIATION (6562) (6222)PROFIT BEFORE TAX 49,065 38,787PROVISION FOR TAXATION (9072) (8314)PROFIT AFTER TAX 39,993 30,473OTHER COMPREHENSIVE INCOME 128 (1)Equalize brought ceward from controlegoing year 120,789 106,118Avail helpful ce contention 160,910 136,590Conclusive Dividobject Including reprimand (10,361)^1 (13,787)^2Transfer from Divide Option Quenchedstanding Account 51 28Transfer from General Retention – -Transmitted on merger of US scion with US conducive – (2042)Transmitted to Special Economic Zone re-investment retention (42) -Equalize carried ceward 150558 120789FINANCIAL RESULTS (STAND ALONE) (IN MILLION)1 Dividobject ce the financial year objected March 31, 20172 Dividobject ce the financial year objected March 31, 2016ACCOUNTING STANDARDS FOLLOWED BY TECH MAHINDRA:Accounting ce Research and product: Research consumes are established as an expenditure in the assertion of avail and mislaying in the age they are incurred.

Product consumes are established in the assertion of avail and mislaying consistent technical and interchangeable feasibility of the plan is demonstrated, coming economic goods are credible, the Congregation has an ability to accomplished the product plan and manifestation the asformal amply.ACCOUNTING POLICIES FOLLWED BY TECH MAHINDRA:Assertion of compliance:1 These financial assertions enjoy been handy in harmony with Indian Accounting Standards as per the Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) Rules, 2015 referableified inferior Minority 133 of the Companies Act, 2013 (”the Act”) decipher with Rule 3 the Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) Rules, 2015 and the Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) Amendment Rules, 2016, guidelines conclusiond by the Securities and Remodel Consultation of India (”SEBI”) and other appropriate stipulations of the Companies Act, 2013 2 Account ce making-ready of financial assertions:These financial assertions enjoy been handy on the unadorned consume account and on an accrual account, save ce undeniable financial instruments which are measured at unblemished computes at the object of each menting age. Unadorned consume is generally domiciled on the unblemished compute of the inducement absorbed in remodel ce consequence and services . In evaluating the grave figure of an habit or facilitate, the Congregation opines the attributes of the good or bond that chaffer members would opine when valuing the habit or facilitate at the figure dates. 3 Property, coercionmaltle and equipmentProperty, coercionmaltle and equipment represents an leading feature of the asformal deep of the Congregation. The carry in i-elation of ageic slander is modereprimand succeeding determining an honor of an asset’s expected manifestationful career and the expected residual compute at the object of its career. The manifestationful lives and residual computes of Congregation’s possessions are resolute by administration at the date the asformal is adventitious and revisaled at the object of each menting age. 4 Dilution testingInvestments in subsidiaries and inappreciable possessions are tested ce dilution at meanest per-annum and when events happen or changes in proviso betoken that the salvable sum of the asformal or money generating aces to which these pertain is hither than its carrying compute. The salvable sum of money generating aces is remarkable of compute-in-manifestation and unblemished compute hither consume to enjoin. The equalize of compute in manifestation of a money generating ace involves manifestation of indicative honors and assumptions which includes turnover and rights, enlargement reprimands and net margins manifestationd to count planed coming money progresss, facilitate-adjusted discount reprimand, coming economic and chaffer provisions. COMPONENTS OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTSIncome Avail precedently Interest, Slander and reprimand Interest Slander Avail Precedently Reprimand Provision ce reprimandation Avail succeeding reprimand Other Comprehensive Income Conclusive Dividobject Including reprimand Transfer from Divide Option Quenchedstanding Account Transfer from General Retention Transmitted on merger of US scion with US conducive Transmitted to Special Economic Zone re-investment retentionMANDATORY DISCLOSURES BY TECH MAHINDRA1. There enjoy been no representatively indicative cognate margin transactions that may enjoy possible combat with the interests of the Congregation at catholic.2. During the most novel three years, there were no examples of hindrance by the Congregation and no punishment or strictures were ceced on the Congregation by the Stock Remodels or SEBI or any statutory easy, on any conclusion verified with the high chaffers.3. The Congregation has coercionmal quenched a Whistle Blower Policy, which incorporates Vigil Mechanism with bounded proceeding ce eminence worries by any of the productioners, clients, sellers and financial specialists, tending to the worries and obedient to the Consultation. The Congregation asserts that no production cece had been robbed bearing to the revisal consultation of trustees inferior Whistle Blower Policy 4 The Congregation has followed the well-founded necessities of Corporeprimand Governance as resolute in Regulations 17 to 27 and 46(2) of Listing Regulations. 5 The Congregation has intentional an ordainment on representativeity of Cognate Margin transactions and managing Cognate Margin Transactions which has been transmitted on the Congregation’s place LARSEN & TOUBROLarsen and Toubro Infotech Limited (LTI) is a cosmos-peoplewide IT ordainments and administrations construction situated in Mumbai, India. LTI was standinged calculate 6 in India IT constructions in 2013″2014. The construction has 39 productionplaces in 27 nations. It utilizes guidelines of the Software Engineering Institute’s (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and is a Maturity Level 5 evaluated community. LARSEN TOUBRO DIRECTOR’S REPORTFINANCIAL RESULTS:PARTICULARS 2017-18 2016-17 RS. CRORE RS. CROREPROFIT BEFORE DEPRECIATION EXCEPTIONAL ITEMS & TAX 7881.31 7079.06LESS: DEPRECIATION AMORTIZATION IMPAIRMENT AND OBSOLESCENCE 1049.46 1215.19PROFIT BEFORE EXCEPTIONAL ITEMS AND TAX 6831.85 5863.87ADD: EXCEPTIONAL ITEMS 430.53 893.97PROFIT BEFORE TAX 7262.38 6757.84LESS: PROVISION FOR TAX 1875.08 1304.10PROFIT FOR THE PERIOD CARRIED TO BALANCE SHEET 5387.30 5453.74ADD: BALANCE BROUGHT FORWARD FROM PREVIOUS YEAR 1 1225.53 7710.27LESS: DIVIDEND PAID DURING THE PREVIOUS YEAR (INCLUDING DIVIDEND DISTRIBUTION TAX) 2278.69 1842.71ADD: GAIN/(LOSS) ON REMEASUREMENT OF THE NET DEFINED BENEFIT PLANS 2.50 (8.02)ADD: TRANSFER UNDER SCHEME OF ARRANGEMENT 15.55 _BALANCE AVAILABLE FOR DISPOSAL (WHICH THE DIRECTORS APPROPRIATE AS FOLLOWS) 14352.19 11313.28LESS: DEBENTURE REDEMPTION RESERVE 102.18 87.75BALANCE TO BE CARRIED FORWARD 14250.01 1 1225.53The Directors recommobject acquittal of conclusive dividobject of Rs.16 per equity divide of Rs.2/-each on 1401369456 dividesACCOUNTING POLICIES FOLLOWED BY L&T INFOTECHa. Presentation of financial assertionsThe assertion of financial standing (including assertion of changes in equity) and the assertion of avail and mislaying are handy and presented in the cemat prescribed in Schedule III to the Companies Act, 2013. The money progress assertion has been handy and presented as per the requirements of Ind AS 7 Money Progress Assertions. The unveiling requirements with i-elation to items in the equalize subterfuge and assertion of avail and mislaying, as prescribed in Schedule III to the Act, are presented by habit of referablees ceming bisect of accounts parallel with the other referablees required to be referableorious inferior the referableified Accounting Standardsb. Operating cycle ce prevalent and non-prevalent stamp The congregation identifies asset/liabilities as prevalent if the identical are receivable/payable among twelve months else the identical are opineed as non-current.c. Income acknowledgmentIncome is recognised solely when sign of an ordainment is obtained and the other criteria to stay income acknowledgment are inspiration, including the compensation is agricultural or determinable, services enjoy been rendered and collectability of the resulting receivables is reasonably immutable. Income is measured at the unblemished compute of the inducement common or receivable and is deep ce honord rebates and other alike allowances.ACCOUNTING STANDARDS FOLLOWED BY L&T INFOTECHThis assertion ,which is the province of the tenure congregation’s administration and prevalent by the consultation of directors ,has been handy in harmony with the acknowledgment and measurement principles laid down in the Indian Accounting Standard 34 INTERIM FINANCIAL REPORTING(IND AS 34′),prescribed inferior minority 133 of the Companies Act,2013 decipher with appropriate rules conclusiond thereinferior and other accounting principles generally trustworthy in India.COMPONENTS OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTIncome from operationsOther IncomeOperating ExpenditureFinance ConsumeSlander and amortizationAvail Precedently Reprimand (PBT)Provision ce ReprimandAvail ce the year (PAT) Non-Controlling Interest Other Comprehensive Income Dividobject (still reprimand) Reprimand on DividendsMANDATORY DISCLOSURES1 The Congregation has referableorious the collision of pending litigations on the financial standing in its standalone financial assertions 2 The Congregation did referable enjoy any long-term contracts ce which there were any representative ceeseeable mislayinges. Provision has been made in the standalone financial assertions as required inferior the convenient edict or accounting standards, ce representative ceeseeable mislayinges, if any, on derivative contracts.3 There were no sums required to be transmitted, to the Investor Education and Protection Fund by the Congregation.

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