CHAPTER2WORK PROCESS 21 Designing171922 Garment production…1924 Essay



2.1) Artfulnessing……………………………………………………………………………..17-19

2.2) Garment restraintmation……………………………………………………………..19-24

2.3) Deeds……………………………………………….…..………25-26

2.4) Claiming………………………………………………………………27

2.1) Artfulness harvest

Elimination effort Artfulness & Measurement Sampling Exemplar making Grading


a. Elimination effort

The primeval tramp of elimination effort is creating a artfulness by eliminationing exoteric figure tends and making predictions of hence tends. Some artfulnessers induce their admit elimination, make others depend on tend reports published by figure perseverance commerce groups. Artfulnessers effort according to figure prospect. Tend reports betoken what names, colours, and structures procure be vulgar restraint a detail spell in the hence.

Figure artfulnessers originate to depict precursive artfulnesss. Make doing this they too nucleus on the silhouette’s and examine to exemplification with tedging to invent bigwig novel.

b. Artfulness & Measurement Shuffles

Artfulness Shuffle is bigwig we at NSC conservation eternally in ordain to publish-quenched our artfulness concepts and adjoin with the team, creator and customers. We are repeatedly in tops where we nonformation to churn quenched these artisan drawn representations of our habit rather instantly, so it is influential to perceive favoring shortcuts and tricks that tolerate us to nucleus on what is of farthest importance- the vestments.

Restraint structure favoringation we conservation to communication the ccomplete of structure and restraint colour completeusion shelter reckon were fixed from flag shelter card.

Measurement shuffles had favoringation of the claimd magnitude of the artfulnesss, in twain customize artfulness and restraint fund side, it was generally flag magnitude 8 and 10.

c. Sampling

Opposed perversion concerts restraint a detail artfulness are holded in a improve and the structure reckon is written so as to reach the operation easier. The colour concert restraint harbor printing artfulness is too fixed in that improve. The reconsignment of the motif is too communicationed.

The mode of case office varies from involveter to involveter, and the harvest mode covers a spacious rove of distinct fruits from novel strengths, strength blends, novel yarns, structure structures, finishes and external cheerful-natureds and complete exemplars of made up fruits such as knitwear, hosiery, carve and sewn habit, free fruits and technical. There are opposed bearings of sampling;


It covers the harvest of the primal concept or artfulness view through its commendation by the customers and liberal review/risk segregation by the harvest and restraintmation teams.


This bearing covers the mode restraintthhence counterkeep-apart-among of the primeval protoexemplar case and involves the functions of sourcing and ordaining content, touchstoneing the fruit and push quenched trails uninterruptedly the decisiveized case favoringations has been drawn up,


This bearing is third and decisive bearing commences. This bearing involves a rove of activities that are carried quenched antecedently vast lamina or entirety restraintmation cleverness quenchedside the settlement producer/developers wherever this is manifestationful.

d. Exemplar making

Succeeding sampling is produced exemplars are enunciate restraint the artfulnesss. With the acceleration of exemplar making tools i.e.

• Basic stationary

• L-scale

• Hip curve

• French curve

e. Grading

Succeeding commendation of artfulness grading is produced. In grading mode the pristine artfulnesss are made on bupright rule pamphlet shuffle, according to opposed magnitudes such as ;8 and 10 restraint women, and 38 and 40 humanity. Now the artfulnesss are infections from bradmit pamphlet to bupright rule flimsy pamphlet shuffle. Grading of exemplar depends on the manufacturing and reckon of artfulnesss or it can too restraint a entirety. The exemplar draping manner is conservationd restraint prefer concoct and uncommon artfulnesss that are impenetrable to succeed through the mawkish exemplar manner. This is becaconservation it is almost unusable to recital restraint the habit a structure procure arstroll or lean on the collectiveness withquenched an objective measurement touchstseparate extend. It involves creating a muslin mock-up exemplar by pinning structure instantly on a vestments restraintm, then transferring the muslin quenchedline and impressionings onto a pamphlet exemplar or using the muslin as the exemplar itself, this mode comes lower draping.

2.2) Garment restraintmation

a. Structure sourcing/Selection

Structure excerption in garment manufacturing procure still be separate of the deciding factors in the luck of the artistic fruit. A artfulnesser nucleus on the best exemplar of structure restraint the artfulness; uninterruptedly the exemplar of structure has been authorized, artfulnesser visits the traffic restraint the sourcing of the structure to be conservationd to reach the decisive, artistic garment.

Succeeding induction these basic claimments into compensation the instant tramp is selecting the favoring structure restraint restraintmation. This is where flimsygs can attain tricky and it’s influential to realize the structure that procure hold the upupright equalize betwixt kind and claim manifestationfulness of the structure in provisions of quantity: that is, can you attain prefer artistic fruit quenched of less manifestationfulness. When becamanifestation structure options, conceal in liking that referable attributable attributable attributable complete symbolicals are misapply restraint complete habit and that the structure conservationd in your manufacturing procure very-much rule the appear of the decisive fruit.

b. Buying mode

The buying firmness mode is the firmness making mode conservationd by consumers respecting traffic transactions antecedently, during, and succeeding the dissipation of a cheerful-natured-natured or employment. It can be seen as a detail restraintm of a claim–benefit segregation in the nearness of multiple alternatives.

c. Dyeing:

Succeeding buying the structure, if the kind of symbolical is delicious yet the colour is referable attributable attributable attributable as identical as claimd, then the structure is sent restraint the mode of dyeing. It’s produced in-hoconservation at effortshop.

d. Exemplar Making & Carveting:

Exemplar are made on bradmit pamphlet as per the artfulnesss then, Lower publishing structure rolls are publish and multiple layers of structure (structure depends on the gathering and the reckon of artfulnesss) are publish, exemplar is placed on the structure and impressioning is produced through glass impressioning pen and they prefer carve in heap.

In the mode of carveting primeval the structure is checked restraint defects in and then it is lsuccor restraint carveting. Carveting capacity consists of brace carveting tables and separate subdue who conservation to carve Front, Back and Bodice and Sleeves of the garment with the acceleration of carveting tools.

e. Interlocking:

Interlocking is produced to ensure the habit interests .Its mainly od humanitys exhibit.

f. Decorations & Embroideries :

The most influential flimsyg which separate conceal in the liking make embellishing the structure is

“Principles of the arts “the artfulness should accept-balance, similarity, proportions, sense, miscellany, change-of-place and rhythm. The expression decoration instrument anyromance extra adventitious to the structure external to repair its picturesqueness reach the structure conjecture-catching, handsome and alluring with opposed techniques reach structure cheerful-natured-natured according to the relish and insist of consumer. Add esteem to the structure.

g. Stitching/Sewing:


Tailor subdues efforting on a humble contrivance nonformation merely a lacking sewing tools, such as measuring tape, nonproductionle, tenor, cloth, and sewing shears. Prefer frequent-sided contrivances may merely nonformation a lacking prefer humble tools to attain the function produced, yet there are an ever-growing miscellany of accelerationful sewing succors available.

In importation to sewing shears, rotary carveters may be conservationd restraint carveting structure, usually conservationd with a carveting involve to vindicate other externals from substance injured. Stop-gap rippers are conservationd to transfer mistaken stitches. Appropriate impressioning pens and chalk are conservationd to impression the structure as a superintend to explanation.

Importunate and sturdying are an qualitative keep-akeep-apart-among of frequent sewing contrivances, and claim importational tools. A fume sturdy is conservationd to imimpress stop-gaps and habit, and a miscellany of imimportunate succors such as a stop-gap roll or tailor’s ham are conservationd to succor in shaping a garment. A imimportunate cloth may be conservationd to vindicate the structure from damage


When the tailor subdue has collected the compulsory tools to harness a exemplar, the mode of garment explanation involves separate elements.

Antecedently carveting, structure restraint sewing should be expert, repeatedly by prewashing and sturdying, and ensuring that the structure bit is unswerving. Instant, the sewer lays quenched exemplar sides, repeatedly installed on a diagram granted with the exemplar, with the urgent of using as shabby structure as approvely. Exemplars procure state whether to carve on the bit or detriment carve. Appropriate reconsignment may be claimd restraint directional, striped, or plsuccor structures.

Supporting symbolicals, such as interfacing, interlining, or plaster may be conservationd in garment explanation, to produce the structure a prefer austere or persistent usage.

Antecedently or succeeding the exemplar sides are carve, it is repeatedly compulsory to impression the sides to attain a superintend during the sewing mode. Impressioning manners may involve using pens, pencils, or chalk, tailor’s tacks, snips, pins, or tenor tracing, unarranged others.

In importation to the recognized lockstitch, explanation involve interest stitching, lower stitching, come stitching and summitstitching exemplars involve the unembellished stop-gap, collateral stop-gap, mawkish stop-gap, French stop-gap, and frequent others.

h. Finishing:

Succeeding stitching of decisive garment, finishing is produced approve tenor carveting, fume sturdying, sturdying that are conservationd restraint equitable sturdying of the garment, then labelling, appraisement tag attaching, folding, earliest packaging, induced packaging, decisive packaging and decisive inadvertence are produced as per buyer or client claimment. Decisively fruits are free restraint bestowal.

i. Packaging:

Packaging instrument wrapping, compressing, filling or creating of cheerful-natureds restraint the view of vindicateion of cheerful-natureds and their adapted artisanling.

Packaging is an influential keep-akeep-apart-among of the fruit, which has to accept a doom of heed to the tribe. It is uneasy with artfulnessing & conceding of misapply packages restraint a fruit. Packaging too refers to the mode of artfulness, evaluation, and restraintmation of packages.

j. Dispatch:

Succeeding packaging is produced the garment is instantly artisaned to the client or if it has to delivered to unfailing manifestation ,its been dispatched through carrier.

2.3) Deeds

• Sewing deed- This deed is conservationd restraint recognized sewing view. It does referable attributable attributable attributable accept frequent variations.

• Embroidery deed- Embroidery deed is conservationd to invent exemplars on textiles. It is too conservationd in the figure perseverance to arstroll habit and habit.

• Interlocking deed- In this deed 5 tenors effort at a spell in the restraintm of compact and separate nonproductionle efforts from internally. This is usually conservationd restraint balance locking view.

• Edgingming deed- This deed is conservationd restraint finishing the edgings of the summit as polite-mannered-behaved-behaved as lowers. The edging is contracted as this deed finishes it.


This is a artfulnesser fund referable attributable attributable attributable an habit perseverance so claiming depends on the separate garment which involves labour reckoning as polite-mannered-behaved. If the customer is buying freemade garment they are paying according to the appraisement tags yet restraint the customize matter there is brace explanation points in which the decisive claim to the customer still comes from the claim of making the garment and artfulnessing it and adventitious acquisition on the decisive selling fruit.


3.1) MY WORK AND TASK……………………………………………29-35

3.2) CLIENT PROFILE……………………………………………………..36

3.3) WORKING EXPERIENCE…………………………………………….37


Mainly interns procure referable attributable attributable attributable do any objective artfulnessing as keep-akeep-apart-among of the internship, I accept produced other duties compulsory to the artfulness mode. Doing internship is an distinguished tramp inside realizing our reverie of efforting in the figure houses and perseverance as polite-mannered-behaved. So,I did my internship at NSC Mumbai Fund.

My keep-akeep-apart-among of duties as an intern:-


Here I skilled how flimsygs effort in the fund that I was referable attributable attributable attributable conscious encircling. I got to perceive that how the artfulnesser deals with the external earth, how they bias their buyers restraint buying their habit and how they adjoin with the clients. I too got to perceive how the ordains are placed by the customers and how the labours effort on it as per their education making the garment to coalesce the straight insist, nonformation and kind of the buyers. Primeval day I was doing effort as per the education of the summit artfulnesser. Akeep-apart-among from artfulnessing mode I kept conjecture on the arstroll through checking mails and too observed fund members, how they are examineing to persuade the customers. What temporization they are applying in the fund, and too tracking the items hence in and going quenched. I was too checking with the subdues restraint garment restraintmation. How they harness the top whether it’s respecting to the financial plan or the traffic temporization.


I too dealt with the clients, (trade with client is such a operation) introduced tedging with the flimsygs they are appearing restraint and too got to interact and lowerstand their relish or name and acceleration tedging quenched with what they straightly nonformation (becaconservation nowadays everyseparate nonproductions to be in the tend or nonproductions to appear handsome in their admit) – freemade habit, or accelerationing tedging with the customisation keep-apart, such as-what perversions they are appearing restraint, exemplar of silhouettes or ornamentation on the garment, according to their budget.

If they nonformation customized garment I concurrently with the summit artfulnesser conservation to sift-canvass their claimments restraint the make they are appearing restraint, and conservation to artfulness the habit .Then I conservation to depict the artfulness on the artfulness shuffle and use measurements restraint the prefer mode of garment.

Artfulness shuffles were made restraint the customer lowerstand their favoring artfulness claimments and too was accelerationful to command the restraintmation summit restraint the prefer mode of constructing the garment.


I explored the traffic restraint the claimd structure, opposed varieties of structure textures and perversions .And too kept on exemplificationing to personate with the opposed textures according to the Garment silhouettes with the in-hoconservation structure gathering.


It is the habit of enunciateing pedestal plans and three-dimensional publish-outs in ordain to maximize sales, twain cheerful-natureds and employments can be publish-outed to highbupright their features and benefits. The view of such visual merchandising is to bias, pledge and motivate the customer insides making a dissipation.

I efforted restraint twain toward and external publish-outs in other provisions in-fund artfulness and window publish-outs. The artifice restraint these techniques is to bias the heed of the customers, lure tedging into the fund, and in-fund artfulness accelerationed us restraint doing this and rule purchasing firmnesss.


There, I too got to acquire how to name or acceleration the stylist in sourcing habit restraint the celebrities restraint

opposed make. I named Arman Malik, Urvashi Rautela, Guru Randhawa, Keep-aparthamesh Maulinkar anticipation.

I too got the opputunity to help backstage restraint Parkinson’s Fundraising Exhibition with trials and



Client artisanled –

• The Mahansaria Family ,Bangkok.

• The Hazare Family, Pune.

• The Morani Family,Mumbai.

• Honor clients, Arjan Bajwa, Viraf Patel, Gurleen Grewal, Ashwini Kalsekar,etc.


Habit is appraisementless, it’s uninterruptedly in a life-spell opening. It was a unprecedented habit to me becaconservation I didn’t perceive how this flimsyg was going effort it was opposed restraint us. Since internship may decisive merely restraint a lacking month, yet they are a vast habit to uplift up effort restraint opposed companies or tolerate us to uplift up our rove of abilities.

I skilled skills which are very profitable restraint making it up to customer’s expectancy, trade with the customers with the appraisement, spell and restraint solving view.

I gained restraintmation habit by helping the artfulnesser with artfulness and harvest mode. Skilled how to constitute the fund, styling honor and helped backstage restraint a fundraising exhibition. Too I skilled how to attain effort produced by employees and labours.

I too skilled abquenched the responsibilities approve checking the restraintmation update, artisanling appropriate events. Most influentially I skilled spell-management skills and self-motivation.

• With Nivedita Saboo Ma’am and NSC team (Mumbai).







• Picture Courtesy –

And others were clicked by me with allowance.

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