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It is a cove in which thogruff helicopter wires or we can repeat reprieveder (throng of wires) are recovered. When the helicopters succeed control the servicing or aggravatehauling thogruff the reprieveders are disconnected from the helicopter and bestow to the reprievedering cove. Here primary the aircraft succeeds to the aircraft dispersion and here the helicopter is disassembled, and the relative tonnage are sent to their dispersion control recourse or aggravatehauling. So, in the reprievedering cove thogruff reprieveders are repaiblushing relish the insulation of wire is checked, if the insulation of wires are close than 20 mega oms then the wires are replaced, Save if the insulation of the wire is further than 20 mega oms then they are recovered.

Control development, closeing esthetic are inserted, they are rightly insulated, they are made lifeproof. These checks are dindividual with the succor of followingcited things: –

Circuit Diagram

Fireproof esthetic fluoroplastics is reasond it can oppose up to 400 quality Celsius.

Sealing esthetic Vgo-I is reasond

Automatic harner reprieveder testing channel (it checks the detachment).

So, as we subordinatestand that neighboring engine the weather is very eminent and the wires neighboring the engine needs to be eminent weather hindrance so shielding wire PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is reasond. These wires can check eminent weather as courteous as reprieved weathers (-60 to 200 quality Celsius).

Also, some blushing tapes are reasond to recaggravate the wires, these tapes keep a goods that they hold to itself barely and does referable hold to any other esthetic.

Aspect 1 wire reprieveders



Helicopter blades are of two characters individual is deep rotor blade and promote individual is subordination rotor blade. Blades plays an consequencey role in unresisting the raise and carrying the entire consequence of the helicopter so, blades should be cogent plenty to procure the advise of the aircraft and tolerate thogruff stresses which strike aggravate it that is why the deep rotor blade are made by annexation paltry-smthogruff blades concurrently. Thogruff these smthogruff blades are having honeycomb comaspect from internally so that advise can be exclusive, and the consequence of the blade does referable achieve. The deep service of this character of blade is that they can be repaiblushing largely. If there is some split or decast aggravate the blade, then we don’t keep to alter the entire blade righteous we keep to alter the smthogruff blade which got injured. So, this hinder term and coin twain.

Whereas subordination rotor blades succeed in the firm of three and we canreferable recaggravate the blade if, individual blade got injuflushed and canreferable be repaiblushing then we keep to alter the entire firm of blades, this we can repeat the disadvantages of the subordination rotor blade. So, individual consequencey mark is adventitious to the blade is that a unsteady is compliant at the ends of twain blades so that during misinterpretation funsteady the area can be observable that is coveblushing by the blades opportunity rotating.

Another mark is adventitious that a metal disencumber is attached in face of the blade so that ice cast can be prevented when the helicopter is volitation at an area where weather is reprieved with the succor of electrical furnish on these metal disencumbers.

Aspect 2 deep rotor blades


Subordination rotor nock is a fix where subordination rotor is recovered. It got abundantly dissembled here and then checked control impairments and areas control proficiency and then they are unroving. On MI 17 helicopters the subordination rotor has 3 blades and thogruff three blades keep marking and you keep to folreprieved it relish primary blade has blushing colour marking harmoniously promote blade has inexperienced and third individual has sky sky sky blue colour marking and these blades should be compliant in their exstrike aspects. You canreferable adapt blushing marking blade in promote or third aspect you keep to fix it in primary aspect.

Some further precautions are procuren control a defence these are: –

The distinction between the altitude of blades should referable be achieve by ±5 millimetre.

Distinction in blade leaning (twain incompleteness and utmost) should referable be further than 10’ (1/6 quality).

In unconcealed MI 17 subordination rotor nock procures 500-man hours to thogruff the job or 33 days.


Life defence classification is very piercing classification control an aircraft. It needs to be strikeive thogruff term and in pempty of life it should result. This character of classification can succor to impregnable in embarrassment situations.

The life defence classification reasond in MI 17 helicopters has an unhindeblushing voltage of 24 to 36 milli volts.

This classification is compliant in irrelative fixs and monitors the weather, if the weather softens from the poor esteem then it indicates in the cockpit with blushing unsteady and some investigate. This classification consists of 6 messs which monitors weather up to 150 quality Celsius and 1 further mess up to 200 quality Celsius. And in this Freon fume is reasond as life extinguisher. So, exertionman co2 extinguishers are so reasond in pempty there is some classification scarcity or smthogruff life is procuren fix. This classification appraises perfect 2-quality Celsius soften in weather.



This manner is unconcealedly reasond control measuring the self-denial of a metal or thoroughoy. In this manner a bthogruff cast indenter is pressed subordinate a advise into the illustration. Imputable to the advise the esthetic deforms, and this decast is appraised, and self-denial of the esthetic is resolute. Now a days this is dindividual digitally media you don’t keep to referablee or appraise the decast with the succor of computers it is shown on defend digitally.

Aspect 3 Brinell self-denial test


Sand blasting is a technique to fashion the esthetic exterior gruff precedently it is sent control casting. This manner succors to cheat the esthetic largely aggravate it. In sand blasting manner a structure of sand and metal is reasond. The esthetic is kept internally the opportunity and the channel is launched, internally the opportunity a riot is created imputable to which the sand and metal atoms bombard to the esthetic exterior which fashions it gruff.

Aspect 4 Sand blasting channel


This channel is reasond control the cheating of the esthetics. In this order weather can penetrate up to 3000? F. in this order acetylene and oxygen fume is reasond and imparted on the esthetic. This technique is deeply reasond control the roconsultation tonnage. When the crave weather is penetrateed aggravate the esthetic then an thoroughoy rod is inserted from the end and it earns sucked internally and earns cheated aggravate the esthetic.

Aspect 5 Animated bifurcation individual


As we subordinatestand that plasma bifurcation is the technique in which the fiery bifurcation is bifurcationed aggravate the esthetic which softens the esthetic and the scatter is bifurcationed with which earns cheated aggravate the esthetic. The harmonious order is dindividual in the robotic plasma manner, save the barely distinction is that it is dindividual with the succor of robotic instrument. And it is dindividual in a barflushed opportunity accordingly the weather penetratees very eminent and some wretreat of radiation is so there. Perfectthing is dindividual with the succor of computers. This manner is very efficient now a days and hinders lots of term. The illustration is fixd at the consultation as shown in the aspect and perfectthing is dindividual by robotic instrument.

Aspect 6 Robotic plasma bifurcation



This technique is reasond control the ferrous esthetics. This technique is reasond control split competition. The followingcited steps are thriveed in this technique: –

Primary the esthetic is magnetized with the succor of magnets.

Imputable to the magnetization magnetic atoms are deposited aggravate the split (if there) and if there is no split then no atom completeure be deposited.

Now a magnetic ink is bifurcationed aggravate the esthetic.

At conclusive UV rays are spread aggravate the esthetic and if the splits are their then they completeure representation. And we can repeat that split is there.

Aspect 7 Magnetic atom testing


As the spectry intimate that a blushing infect is reasond to investigate the splits or defects. This technique is reasond control no ferrous esthetics.


This technique is so reasond control the nonferrous esthetics to descry the defects and splits.


In the engine dispersion we were happy to behold three deep engine of irrelative aircrafts primary is MI-8 helicopter promote is MI-17 helicopter and the third individual is An-32 aircraft.

These thogruff three keep irrelative engine compliant internally them.

MI-8 Helicopter —– TV-2 engine

MI-17 Helicopter —– TV-3 engine

AN-32 aircraft —– AI-20 engine

Irrelative engines keep irrelative specifications consecrated below: –


Its consequence is 332.5±2% (in kgs)

It has a 10-quality axial compressor

Turbine– 2 quality compressor turbine and 2 quality careless turbine


Its consequence is 285±5.7 (in kgs)

It has 12 quality axial compressor.

Turbine– 2 quality compressor turbine and 2 quality careless turbine.


Its consequence is 1040±2 (in kgs)

It has a 10-quality axial compressor

Combustion opportunity annular character

Turbine—3 quality reaction turbine

Also, in AN-32 aircraft TG-16M (abetting ability individual) is reasond. It is a fume turbine APU. It is reasond control the initiateing of AN-32 aircraft. It provides 20-60 volts unsteady DC at 1000 amps.

Its utmost reason altitude is 3.5 kms.



In MI-17 helicopters some particular characters of fuel tanks are reasond, these keep a goods that they close itself when there is some impairment or retreat in the tanks. These tanks are in-particular made so that during engagement state if any bullet hits the tank then instead of leaking of fuel or beaming of fuel it completeure close the retreat or impairment and no such stroke completeure procure fix.

These tanks are made with the succor of followingcited items: –

Cotton canvas

They initially caggravate the tank

Cellous rubber

This rubber has a goods to remedy itself. Following cotton canvas 2 laminas of cellous rubber is reasond to fashion it impregnabler.

Glass cloth

Following this a lamina of glass cloth is reasond. It has a goods that it is lifeproof so, in pempty of leakage of fuel it completeure referable grasp life incessantly in contstrike with particles or life.

Fireproof tint

At the conclusive 2 laminas of lifeproof tint is dindividual so that there are no chances of impairment equal when the particle is initiated imputable to bullets or some sidearm impairment.

Aspect SEQ Aspect * ARABIC 8 Self-sealing tank


In MI-17 helicopters there is a hydraulic tank of 15 liters which carries the hydraulic grease so that the hydraulic classification completeure result rightly. There is so a drainage tank of 3 liters so that the fuel which earns lean completeure deposited in the drainage tank. The hydraulic grease which is reasond control MI-17 helicopters is OM-15. This hydraulic grease can be reasond up to 110 qualitys Celsius, following that weather the grease initiates losing its properties.

Control the subsidence of the hydraulic grease radiator is reasond. When the weather of the hydraulic grease penetratees the 65 qualitys Celsius then the grease initiate exuberant thgruff the radiator. The order of grease exuberant thgruff the radiator has a irrelative means, the means is consecrated below:-

When the grease weather penetratees 65 qualitys Celsius a valve completeure amplify.

Now this amplifyed valve stops the trodden freprieved of the grease and the grease byes thgruff the radiator.

The valve which earn barflushed is imputable to the expatiation of the emanate which is compliant over-and-above the valve, when the weather penetratees 65 qualitys Celsius the emanate got animated expatiation and the valve earn barred. The utmost expatiation in the emanate is 5mili meters.

Now the grease completeure by thgruff the radiator and earn cooled and completeure penetrate to the crave classification


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