Analyzing human aura using fuzzy matrix Essay


1A. Venkatesan , 2K. Kiruthika

1Assistant adherent, 2PG Student, PG and Research Department of Mathematics,

St. Joseph’s garden of arts and understanding(Autonomous), Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu.

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Abstract: The possibilities of what we jurisdiction beware by looking at our avow or someone’s aura are deathless. We don’t enjoy to be cabalistic to decipher an aura. In realty, it’s widely believed that we whole enjoy auric sights that is.

, the fibre to decipher auras. And erudition to decipher and restrainttify our avow aura is expressive to our distinguishable, tender and incorporeal heartiness. So, an aura imaging technique is used to hold the distillation arena by an utensil / emblem solid kirlian camera. In this brochure, we are using Fuzzy matrix to discbalance which century nation having which mold of auras so analyzing those nation who are perchance going to interest by which husk of maladys.

Keywords: Aura, Kirlian photography, Fuzzy matrix, Relativity power, Similarity matrix.

1. Introduction

Whole stuff in the earth is made up of distillation. An Aura or rational distillation arena is a insinuating or colored emation barely, an electromagnetic distillation arena that surrounds each and whole peculiar enjoy an egg-shaped bwhole of distillation [1]. We can equal beware those distillation in the constitute of colors. Whole peculiar has a singular aura enjoy fingerprints. This aura is said to augment balancegathering the gathering and underneath the feet into the basis abextinguished 2-3 feet (0.6-0.9m) on whole behalfs. In frequent pictures we jurisdiction enjoy bewaren unblemished or yellow unthoughtful aback God which indicates their aura. Rational aura colors pretext peculiarality mold and properitys of a peculiar. Each of them is associated with undivided of the glands, resolution centers and greater organs of the association. In 1939, Russian contriver Semyon Davidavich Kirlian simulated a controlm of capturing rational aura by an utensil and solid it as Kirlian Photography [10]. Kirlian Photography pretexts knowledge on the subject’s phychological, tender and distinguishable stipulation [11]. This photography reveals existence fibre and equal restrainteshadow distemper of the distinguishable aura encircling the objects photographed. It was likely to beware ample association heartiness drift at offer as well-behaved-behaved as 4-6 months in advenient. Recently, aura copys are used to discbalance extinguished the distillation levels of the rational association which is used to diagnose maladys [12]. Distemper in a peculiar may be represented by properity defects in the finger copys which corresponds to the main organs of the association [5]. Using aura imaging technique, the fair peculiarality of heartiness drifts at offer which is alike with our association and meaning is likely [6]. Since our advenient can’t be restrainteshadowed. It is imlikely to be bjust abextinguished what correspondently is going to bechance day to day. But though this aura deciphering [9].we can be real abextinguished our upcoming heartiness drifts.

In this brochure, we enjoy used fuzzy matrix to analyses which century nation having what mold of auras so adapted the best intention of rational nature, raise analysed the malady they were going to be interested using kirlian photography.

2. Preliminaries

Definition 2.1[7]

A Fuzzy matrix ‘A’ of mangeneration m?n is limit as

Where is the community esteem of the elements in A that is, A= []

A Proper mold of fuzzy matrix is solid as Boolean fuzzy matrix, whose definition…

A Fuzzy matrix A= []m?n is said to be Boolean fuzzy matrix of mangeneration m?n if whole the elements of A are either 0 or 1.

Definition 2.2[2]

Let x and y be the capriciouss on a fixed X. We peculiarate the relativity power f() as, f( where, (x) is the community power of x with deference to y and (y) is the community power of y with deference to x. The relativity power is a delineation of the community esteem of choosing x balance y. This power f() can be present as the community of the preferring capricious x balance the capricious y.

Definition 2.3

Let A = {} be the fixed of n capriciouss limitd on earth X. From a matrix of relativity esteems f ( where ‘s restraint i=1 to n, are n capriciouss limitd on a earth X. The matrix C=Cij a balance matrix of mangeneration n with =f () is solid the similarity matrix or C-matrix. The meanest esteem in the degree of the C-matrix that is, is the community esteem of the capricious. The reserve of , that is the meanest esteem in each of the degrees of the C-matrix accomplish enjoy the smallest weights restraint ranking meaning. Thus ranking the capriciouss are solid by manageing the community esteems

3. Example restraint Analysing rational Aura using Fuzzy Matrix.

Here, divergent intentions of peculiar are evaluated using their aura so that to analyses the best intention that suits a peculiar. Divergent peculiar may enjoy divergent intentions when compared to each other and to the existencestyle of them[3]. Here, I conjectured divergent intentions and according to the nation answers, the most answered five questions were adapted and entered in the post matrix. Those are and . Where, represents that how abundantly a peculiar is distinguishablely ease, The selfselfcorresponding controlm indicates a peculiar’s venial benevolence and incorporeal rapture, represents trouble and degradation of a peculiar, peculiarates how abundantly a peculiar recognize themselves andsays abextinguished their migraine.The selfselfcorresponding controlm, the degree matrix represents the century rational consideration. Those are Child(), Young(), Adult(), Middle century(), and Old(). According to the separation, the pairrational powers are as follows,

=0.95, =0.9, =0.5, =0.4 and =0.3

=0.8, =0.5, =0.4, =0.8 and =0.8

=0.1, =0.3, =0.6, =0.8 and =0.9

=1, =0.95, =1, =0.9 and =0.95

=0.2, =0.5, =0.8, =0.95 and =0.9

Developing a similarity matrix installed on this knowledge and determining the balancewhole ranking.


The Relativity power,


To discbalance the similarity matrix and ranking[8],

= 1, f (=1, f (.

f() = = = =0.9

f() = = = =0.2

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =0.7

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =0.8

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =0.6

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =0.9

f() = = = =0.4

f() = = = =0.84

f() = = = =0.8

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =12

The similarity matrix c= = f() is loving by,

C =

Matrix A

The extra degree underneath the similarity matrix Ci is the reserve esteem restraint each of the posts. The ranking is P1 ,P2, P3, P4 and P5 .

The best intention that suits a peculiar is P4 that is Recognizeing Ourselves.

Further, we are going to realize the unnatural distillation levels of three accidental peculiars using Kirlian Photography in the association which accomplish/may administer to maladys[4].

The Kirlian Photography of divergent peculiars are as analysed and according to the defects the esteems in the matrix are taken in the constitute (left, just). Here left indicates the left behalf organs and just indicates the just behalf organs of a rational.

In the underneath matrix, represents respiratory rule of the rational association, , the lumbar clime, indicates immune rule, pretexts expressive rule and, the abdominal zone.

Matrix B

From the balancegathering matrix, we can affirm that peculiar A and peculiar C are referable attributable attributable attributable distinguishablely ease.

4. Conclusion

This brochure has shavow best intention of Rational nature using Aura and capabilities of detecting maladys using Kirlian photography. From this brochure we can determine that, from the matrix A, we can affirm that (Accepting Ourself) is the best intention restraint whole century nation.

Also, from the matrix B, we can affirm that,

Peculiar A is tenderly week

Peculiar B is normal

Peculiar C is distinguishablely referable attributable attributable attributable heartinessy.


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