Analyzing human aura using fuzzy matrix Essay


1A. Venkatesan , 2K. Kiruthika

1Assistant adherent, 2PG Student, PG and Research Department of Mathematics,

St. Joseph’s college of arts and knowledge(Autonomous), Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu.

[email protected], [email protected]

Abstract: The possibilities of what we susceptibility visit by looking at our confess or someone’s aura are infinite. We don’t bear to be magical to discaggravate an aura. In truth, it’s widely believed that we entire bear auric sights that is.

, the power to discaggravate auras. And attainments to discaggravate and restrainttify our confess aura is main to our natural, desireing and immaterial vigor. Besides, an aura imaging technique is used to withhold the ardor room by an utensil / stratagem named kirlian camera. In this pamphlet, we are using Fuzzy matrix to confront which generation fellow-creatures having which character of auras besides analyzing those fellow-creatures who are perchance going to desire by which husk of sicknesss.

Keywords: Aura, Kirlian photography, Fuzzy matrix, Relativity discharge, Similitude matrix.

1. Introduction

Entire subject in the globe is made up of ardor. An Aura or rational ardor room is a astute or colored emation singly, an electromagnetic ardor room that surrounds each and perfect peculiar enjoy an egg-shaped bentire of ardor [1]. We can equable visit those ardor in the conceive of colors. Perfect peculiar has a choice aura enjoy fingerprints. This aura is said to reach aggravatecrisis the crisis and beneath the feet into the basis abquenched 2-3 feet (0.6-0.9m) on entire edges. In multifarious pictures we susceptibility bear visitn bfair or yellow volatile aback God which indicates their aura. Rational aura colors profession peculiarality character and exceptionalalitys of a peculiar. Each of them is associated with undivided of the glands, resolution centers and senior organs of the mass. In 1939, Russian originator Semyon Davidavich Kirlian manufactured a method of capturing rational aura by an utensil and named it as Kirlian Photography [10]. Kirlian Photography professions referableice on the subject’s phychological, desireing and natural time [11]. This photography reveals morals nerve and equable prognosticate disprescribe of the evident aura environing the objects photographed. It was feasible to visit bountiful mass vigor total at confer-upon as courteous as 4-6 months in advenient. Recently, aura representations are used to confront quenched the ardor levels of the rational mass which is used to diagnose sicknesss [12]. Disprescribe in a peculiar may be represented by exceptionalality defects in the finger representations which corresponds to the main organs of the mass [5]. Using aura imaging technique, the fair idiosyncrasy of vigor totals at confer-upon which is alike with our mass and spirit is feasible [6]. Since our advenient can’t be prognosticateed. It is imfeasible to be bfair abquenched what accurately is going to betide day to day. But though this aura discovering [9].we can be infallible abquenched our upcoming vigor totals.

In this pamphlet, we bear used fuzzy matrix to analyses which generation fellow-creatures having what character of auras besides adapted the best opinion of rational nature, raise analysed the sickness they were going to be desireed using kirlian photography.

2. Preliminaries

Definition 2.1[7]

A Fuzzy matrix ‘A’ of prescribe m?n is determine as

Where is the contortment prize of the elements in A that is, A= []

A Exceptional character of fuzzy matrix is named as Boolean fuzzy matrix, whose definition…

A Fuzzy matrix A= []m?n is said to be Boolean fuzzy matrix of prescribe m?n if entire the elements of A are either 0 or 1.

Definition 2.2[2]

Let x and y be the capriciouss on a restraintmal X. We portray the relativity discharge f() as, f( where, (x) is the contortment discharge of x with honor to y and (y) is the contortment discharge of y with honor to x. The relativity discharge is a bulk of the contortment prize of choosing x aggravate y. This discharge f() can be cherished as the contortment of the preferring capricious x aggravate the capricious y.

Definition 2.3

Let A = {} be the restraintmal of n capriciouss secure on globe X. From a matrix of relativity prizes f ( where ‘s restraint i=1 to n, are n capriciouss secure on a globe X. The matrix C=Cij a balance matrix of prescribe n with =f () is named the similitude matrix or C-matrix. The lowest prize in the degree of the C-matrix that is, is the contortment prize of the capricious. The stint of , that is the lowest prize in each of the degrees of the C-matrix succeed bear the lowest weights restraint classing mind. Thus classing the capriciouss are secure by prescrinature the contortment prizes

3. Example restraint Analysing rational Aura using Fuzzy Matrix.

Here, contrariant opinions of peculiar are evaluated using their aura so that to analyses the best opinion that suits a peculiar. Contrariant peculiar may bear contrariant opinions when compared to each other and to the moralsstyle of them[3]. Here, I conjectured contrariant opinions and according to the fellow-creatures answers, the most answered five questions were adapted and entered in the support matrix. Those are and . Where, represents that how considerable a peculiar is naturally ease, The similar method indicates a peculiar’s venial affection and immaterial delight, represents misgiving and discouragement of a peculiar, portrays how considerable a peculiar confirm themselves andsays abquenched their migraine.The similar method, the degree matrix represents the generation judicious caution. Those are Child(), Young(), Adult(), Middle generation(), and Old(). According to the separation, the pairjudicious discharges are as follows,

=0.95, =0.9, =0.5, =0.4 and =0.3

=0.8, =0.5, =0.4, =0.8 and =0.8

=0.1, =0.3, =0.6, =0.8 and =0.9

=1, =0.95, =1, =0.9 and =0.95

=0.2, =0.5, =0.8, =0.95 and =0.9

Developing a similitude matrix installed on this referableice and determining the aggravateentire classing.


The Relativity discharge,


To confront the similitude matrix and classing[8],

= 1, f (=1, f (.

f() = = = =0.9

f() = = = =0.2

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =0.7

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =0.8

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =0.6

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =0.9

f() = = = =0.4

f() = = = =0.84

f() = = = =0.8

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =1

f() = = = =12

The similitude matrix c= = f() is attached by,

C =

Matrix A

The extra degree beneath the similitude matrix Ci is the stint prize restraint each of the supports. The classing is P1 ,P2, P3, P4 and P5 .

The best opinion that suits a peculiar is P4 that is Confirming Ourselves.

Further, we are going to establish the exceptional ardor levels of three vague peculiars using Kirlian Photography in the mass which succeed/may guide to sicknesss[4].

The Kirlian Photography of contrariant peculiars are as analysed and according to the defects the prizes in the matrix are fascinated in the conceive (left, fair). Here left indicates the left edge organs and fair indicates the fair edge organs of a rational.

In the beneath matrix, represents respiratory scheme of the rational mass, , the lumbar tract-of-land, indicates immune scheme, professions laconic scheme and, the abdominal zone.

Matrix B

From the aggravatecrisis matrix, we can repeat that peculiar A and peculiar C are referable naturally ease.

4. Conclusion

This pamphlet has shconfess best opinion of Rational nature using Aura and capabilities of detecting sicknesss using Kirlian photography. From this pamphlet we can infer that, from the matrix A, we can repeat that (Accepting Ourself) is the best opinion restraint entire generation fellow-creatures.

Also, from the matrix B, we can repeat that,

Peculiar A is desireingly week

Peculiar B is normal

Peculiar C is naturally referable vigory.


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