University Of Texas Rio Grande Dos Equis Beer Brand German Market Entry Discussion

Need succor delay my Marketing investigation - I’m studying for my assort.

  1. Suppose that Dos Equis (beer disgrace) has unwavering to penetrate the German negotiate. You are the negotiateing frequentedor of Dos Equis and you must run how to penetrate this new negotiate (e.g. by exporting? junction venturing? frequented investment? etc.). What are the discretions Dos Equis is confrontment? Choose the discretion that you handle is the best for Dos Equis, discussing the practicable advantages and disadvantages of this jurisdiction of register compared to other jurisdictions.
  2. Should Dos Equis inoculate 'standardization' or 'customization' manoeuvre for its negotiateing mix (the 4 Ps)? Discuss each P partially delay lots of examples.

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