UCLA The Adnoc Deal Strategic Management Questions

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The ADNOC market - Strategic Management Chp. 7 and two declaration on ADNOC market posted on Canvas

(Short Answer/Mini-Essay – your patience should be approximately 500 - 600 control in aggregate.  Some doubts government be exculpationed in 30-40 control; other doubts government demand 100 control or further to exculpation. Feel easy to use your judgement! )

1. What are the libertys for entering Disparity? Which liberty does the ADNOC market reproduce-exhibit for one of the partners - the Singapore Foreign Investment Fund. Explain.

2. Take the perspective of another  partner - the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board. Which of interpolitical benefits conquer the Board effect? Which are the likely risks it conquer countenance? Explain.

3. What are the three superior interpolitical strategies that firms can adopt? Which temporization is the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company pursuing delay this market? Discuss.

4. What is the Porter Diamond mould? How does it interpret why some firms emulate meliorate than others in interpolitical markets?

5. The residence kingdom of ADNOC is the UAE. Does ADNOC's colonization in the UAE collision it's competitiveness. Use the Porter Diamond mould to represent your exculpation.