The Mindsets & Motives of Consumer Who Pursue a Simple Life Research Paper

I scarcity an description for this Marketing investigation to acceleration me con-over.

General Plan Description:

The theme for this plan is Voluntary simplicity- what are the mindsets and motives of consumer who hunt a weak society?

For this plan, earliest you should get TWO conjecture and presage on sociology ground, then delight confront 4 academic instrument aggregate on Google Scholar to ascertain it. Also, delight feel a contemplate of the materials I gave you, which is cognate to the plan and should be mentioned. The conjecture that you discovered should be new and thrilling perspectives (use something other than distribution).


5 pages, single-spaced, 11- summit Calibri font, 1” margins.

1. Abstract (encircling 50 vote)

2. Learning reconsideration and educated hunches. Locate at smallest 3 appropriate causes. Your quotation is a sixth cause. Cite learning using doer(s)’ terminal spectry(s) and year of notification, e.g., Smith and Jones (2007). Place the unmeasured citation in the Reference List. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE IDEAS OR WORDS (7 vote in a row = plagiarism; leading someone else’s notion extraneously attributing them to the cause =plagiarism)!!!

3. Hypotheses or presages domiciled on learning reconsideration and educated hunches.

4. Reference List (APA format).– cited learning in alphabetical appoint, by earliest doer’s terminal spectry.

5. Appendices delay tables and figures, if conducive.

Other requirements:

1. A consumer behaviour interest ---- Cognate either to the merit, decrease or disposal of a work or advantage. It can be a pre-lapse interest, a lapse interest, a post-lapse interest, or a league of these. It can besides nucleus on reducing decrease.

2. Managerial or exoteric device affinity ---- It should extension our sense of an presentation of consumer behaviour in ways that can profit firms and/or consumers.

3. It should be contrivcogent ---- You should be cogent to con-over the conclusion delayin the precincts of a semester using a methodology you are free delay.

The past advice is below