Tesla Engines Company Executive Summary and Marketing Strategy Analysis Report

I’m launched on a Marketing exertion and scarcity aid.

Final (Checkpoint) Contrivance Assignment You are a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) recently remunerated to unfold a new effect sequence or stigma resultion for a corporation’s effect/stigma (Note: students cull the corporation and stigma/product). Established on the corporation’s sidearm and goals, standing in the negotiate, ordinary target negotiate(s), and stigma strength, you reach unfold a Marketing Plan for the new effect/stigma resultion.

This is an separate contrivance.

The structure you cull scarcitys to be a publicly-traded corporation, thus allowing you to reach mode to its financial basis and negotiate achievement. It cannot be a privately-owned corporation, nor a start-up. The new effect or stigma should narrate to the corporation’s sidearm and target negotiate(s), or to a advantageous new negotiate member. The judgment is yours!

The assignment understands sundry of the areas that are habituated in the series, discussed and skilled from the extract and dispose discussions. This contrivance reach reveal the intellect and the applications of the series culture outcomes. Therefore, the resigned should be established on the past negotiateing methods and tools beneficial, as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as established on the iBook, which should be used as a relation for the contrivance.

This contrivance must feel a shield page (after a while the appellation you feel absorbed it, your indicate, series compute and minority, and semester and year of the series). On the assist page you reach produce a Tpotent of Contents. On page 3, you may arise after a while the Introduction distinction and singly use the required distinctions for the assignment.

Students reach be letter a stiff affair memo/white article. The memo/white article reach insist of 5-7 resigned pages (+ shield and postscript). The memo should highlight and recap the considerpotent magnitude of the stiff gift. The memo/white article should be written in Times New Roman, font magnitude 12, single-spaced, after a while 1” margins all about. Please suggest your decisive instrument as a PDF in Canvas.

Direct quotes must be rightly cited. Bullet-points are undisputed, but should understand a slight behalf of the undiminished instrument. The instrument must be written in certainty, 3rd-Person format, loose of vileplace (casual) cant.

Tables and figures are likely to be advantageous for this assignment. These should be placed in the Postscript (after a while a appellation for each one) and discussed in the expend minority. When these are discussed, relation them in the extract or substance of your communication, e.g., See the Postscript Tpotent (title/name). The VP for Marketing scarcitys to comprehend all of the basis and findings that is explained perspicuously and greatly well-mannered-behaved-behaved (as if the VP does not comprehend everything about your findings).

Your assertions and findings must not singly be perspicuously methodic and close but too aided by your learning (after a while cited causes of notice). Furthermore, all basis (other than vile comprehendledge) must be cited in the extract or substance of the communication and the noticeal cause listed in the References minority using APA mode guidelines. A certainty is over than honorpotent a compute (e.g., statistic) but too a definitive/specific apex, assertion or notice hidden to others, e.g., the VP, any reader of the communication. Such basis and noticeal causes should understand of series the structure, its retailers, competitors, ordinary and immanent customers, the Internet, Lynn Library (databases and hardcopy publications), and other singular interviews that are pertinent to determining prosperous negotiate learning findings and unfolding a negotiate impost and dissection communication.


Executive Summary

Company Description/Introduction

Strategic Plan



Core Competences/Competitive Advantage(s)

Industry Analysis

Industry Trends

Competitors Analysis

Market Analysis

Market Trends

Target Negotiate Analysis

Demographic Profile

Psychographic Profile

SWOT Dissection *

Analysis of Internal Strengths and Weaknesses

Analysis of External Opportunities and Threats

Marketing Mix Manoeuvre *

Product/Brand Strategy

Product/Brand Positioning

Points of Difference

Pricing Strategy

Promotional Mix

Integrated Marketing Communications

Digital Marketing Strategy

Distribution (Place) Strategy

Financial Basis & Projections

Implementation Plan

Evaluation of Marketing Activities





Critical Assignment

At the end of this series, students should be potent to formulate a Marketing Mix Strategy, and consummate a SWOT dissection. Specifically, they should be potent to:

Students reach be potent to:

  1. Create and unfold a new effect manoeuvre. (SLO 11.1, 11.6, 13.4)
  2. Create and unfold a stigma positioning manoeuvre. (SLO 11.3, 13.4)
  3. Create a pricing manoeuvre for the incomplete new effect. (SLO 11.3, 13.4)
  4. Create a promotional mix manoeuvre for the incomplete new effect. (SLO 11.3, 11.4, 13.4, 13.7)
  5. Create a division manoeuvre for the incomplete new effect (SLO 11.3, 13.4)
  6. Create a digital manoeuvre for the incomplete new effect. (SLO 11.4, 11.6, 13.4, 13.7)
  7. Identify and dissect strengths and weaknesses narrated to the incomplete new effect. (SLO 11.2, 11.6)
  8. Identify and dissect opportunities and threats narrated to the incomplete new effect. (SLO 11.2, 11.6)
  9. Demonstrate conversant letter skills. (SLO 13.6)