Prince Sultan University My COOP Experience COOP Monthly Report

I’m enigmatical to acquire for my Marketing tabulate and I’m stuck. Can you succor?

You keep to transcribe a 3-4 pages narration encircling my incase experiment. each week i grow a template encircling the tasks i did in this week, and when i exhaustive 4 weeks i keep to transcribe a monthly narration explaining what i did in details owing the weekly narration is singly a small encircling the tasks, it must be an essay delay explanations not points ( YOU HAVE TO WRITE A WHOLE PAGE OF EACH WEEK AND EXPLAIN EVERYTHING IN DETAILS FROM YOUR OWN WORDS). This is my fifth monthly narration, i obtain append the 4 narrations of each week and you transcribe the monthly narration. don't transcribe anyman other than the tasks mentioned in the weekly narration. (use it as a pilot it has the headlines and you transcribe the details from your own language). transcribe skills acquireed more than what i wrote in the weekly narration( its ok to add from your recollection). And delight ascertain appended the promote and third monthly narration use it as a illustration and template i absence it to be in the identical arrangements. Thank you.

The promote week i wrote encircling the riyadh room, recognize encircling it its deal-out of administration of trade. someone else keep the indicate we absence which is confidence gardens but their garden is closed so we contacted the proprietor to buy the indicate from it and in the end we got it (transcribe details from your own)

and the covenant delay alhabib hospital its a monstrous man for us owing alfarabi gardens is a medical garden and alhabib is a courteous disclosed hospital so its a amiable man the students can procure their incase there.

The political resources monitoring transcribe encircling posts uploaded in instagram snapchat twitter, questions asked and some comments is momentous i utter it to the treatment...