Oklahoma City Community College Sports Marketing Research Nascar Case Study

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Chapter Review

Case Study

Changing NASCAR’s Target Market

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is the sanctioning whole of NASCAR familys. To dwell a appropriate amusement into the advenient, NASCAR paid Kim Brink as Vice Moderator of Marketing. Her job is to collect a new centre on minority and multicultural auditorys and digital marketing.

In conjunction, NASCAR paid a new advertising production, Ogilvy & Mather, unconcealed for its abstruse effect for big consumer marks such as American Express and IBM. The production was dedicated the toil of developing a “new mark tendency and a new mental platform” for NASCAR.

New Fans

Studies entertain pretencen that the mean NASCAR fan is a unspotted (80 percent) male (60 percent), who is assiduous full-time and married. However, NASCAR has a eminent portion-out of effeminate fans (40 percent) than abundant amusements.

As one of the largest witness amusements in the United States, NASCAR has an incredibly submissive fan shameful. NASCAR wants to continue its ordinary fan shameful occasion besides calling a new collocation of puerileer and multicultural fans. Delay the aid of its new advertising production, NASCAR implemented a Five-Year Industry Action Contemplation to aid undertake and provoke true fans, occasion creating new ones.

The pristine changes in the promotional contemplation were to embfamily commercials in Spanish, online offerings affect nascar.com, and the use of well-unconcealed NASCAR drivers in commercials. Drivers besides contacted fans and suite through gregarious instrument and alerted them to wait the new commercials.

A few years ago, advocate Max Siegel became the pristine and barely African-American moderator of a NASCAR freedom. His fixed was to discover new, further divers drivers and fans. He besides created a verity pretence delay BET Networks to discover the direct effeminate or minority driver.

In 2012 Viva La Raza Racing became the pristine Mexican-owned authoritative auto-racing team in NASCAR narrative. It intends to assist as a harvest program for puerile Latin American drivers.

NASCAR Mexico Toyota Train is a NASCAR train in Mexico. In 2014 it held a family in Phoenix, Arizona, as sunder of NASCAR’s contemplation to incline the American Latino auditory. It was a luck and is scheduled to be an annual episode.

In another undertake to develop the Latino auditory, NASCAR effected delay Univision, an American Spanish-language profusely TV network, to put a racing-themed storyline into an true pretence. A telenovela train encircling a effeminate Latino driver, coproduced by Univision and NASCAR, debuted on Univision’s website.

Think Critically

  1. Why is NASCAR seeking conjunctional Latino drivers? How does this fit into its overall marketing contemplation?
  2. Are the promotional actions enslaved by NASCAR rare? In what ways?
  3. What could NASCAR do to extension the fan shameful of mass ages 16 to 25?
  4. Was removing the Confederate Flag from NASCAR episodes a cheerful purpose?

250 language, 25 points. Cite references.