MKTG 300 American Military University The Hierarchy of Needs Essay

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Assignment Two

Chapter 3 & 4

Motivation is the internal incite we feel to get what we want. In the mid-1900s, Abraham Maslow, an

American psychologist, exposed the hierarchy of wants shown in Figure 3.4.

1. Select two catalogues and portray the wants verified by Abraham Maslow that each ad addresses.

2. Analyze the catalogue using the concepts of marketing and consumer segmentation, and examine how it aligns to the organization's sidearm.

3. Find an interdiplomatic account of an catalogue for one of the products.

4. What differences do you unmask in the interdiplomatic account of the ad? How did the underlying aspects of marketing and psychology utilized in the catalogue alter?

Note: Please revisal my rely-onations for the assignment. I rely-on your vindication to enclose 2 or further references from the APUS Library order (insufficiency to enclose such references allure lessen from your trice on the assignment), and be presented in APA Format. Deliverable diffusiveness is a minimum of 2 association pages.