Lynn University Why Do Products Fail Presentation

I’m hard to consider for my Marketing plan and I need some aid to discern this inquiry.

  1. Prepare a PPT gift in which you discuss:
  2. Why do emanations fall-short? Provide multiform reasons (1 slide)
  3. Discuss 4 glorious emanation blunders/fails, and why (1 slide each, sum of 4 slides)
  4. Pick one and proffer what should feel been effected dissimilar to feel made the emanation achieve (1+ slide)
  • Minimum of 5 References, listed on a severed slide (in APA)
  • Use of visuals encouraged
  • Turn it In enabled, do not plagiarize!
  • Be cheerful to portion-out your slides after a while the assort

No books or weird sites.

Journals and Articles after a while APA 6th references