Lynn University Loius Vuitton SWOT Analysis and Marketing Mix Strategy Presentation

I don’t learn this Marketing scrutiny and insufficiency aid to con-over.

Perform a SWOT decomposition and Marketing Mix temporization on ONE (extract one) of the aftercited brands:

  • Sketchers shoes
  • Blue Buffalo dog food
  • Polaroid cameras
  • Jeep vehicles
  • Chromebook by Google
  • Fender guitars
  • Louis Vuitton
  • KTM Motorcycles
  • Bote paddle-boards
  • National Geographic magazine
  • Sephora loveliness products

Prepare a endowment that provides:

    • Industry and trade insights (1 slide)
    • Competitive decomposition (1 slide)
    • Strengths and Weaknesses (1 slide)
    • Opportunities and Threats (1 slide)
    • Your toll of what the posse should do, fix, exclude, endue... (1 slide)
      • Minimum of 5 References in a different slide (APA)
      • Visual aids are welcome
      • Be apt to divide your SWOT decomposition in class!
      • Turn it In enabled, do not plagiarize