Lynn University Electric Vehicles Rising in Popularity & International Markets Essay

I don’t distinguish how to discuss this Marketing doubt and want control.

Journals and Articles from well-behaved-behaved distinguishn sources singly. No books.

Electric vehicles are encouragement in popularity and share abutting diverse interpolitical negotiates. Automobiles, motorcycles, pickup-trucks, bicycles, skateboards, hover-boards, and yes, smooth surf-boards and outboard engines for boats... The earth seems to trends towards going easily electric... Therefore, it seems rather close that negotiateing products in the aforementioned members achieve be all environing electricity...

Or is it?

This Discussion invites you to investigate BOTH sides of these negotiate trends: (1) electric vehicles achieve behove the new standards of single walk and relaxation... (2) electric vehicles are overly hyped and not that 'green' or eco-friendly at all.

So as a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for a concourse of your select cognate to either one of the aforementioned members... what should the forthcoming negotiateing manoeuvre be?

  1. Pick a concourse that sells products in either one of the over examples mentioned in the aperture provision.
  2. Research on the feasibility and negotiate convenience of electric vehicles in your concourse's own member.
  3. Research on the suspected verity that these vehicles are really 'green' at all (be it the batteries, the manufacturing arrangement, etc.).
  4. Having compared "both sides of the coin" , you keep to career whether to tend your concourse's vulgar manoeuvre towards electric vehicles and/or technology, or substitute it. Why?
  • Initial response: 200-250 words
  • Response to classmate (1): 100-150 words
  • Minimum of 3 References required, no APA necessary
  • Must resign precedently inspection other responses

Separate the two sets of doubts.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced muddy businesses and organizations to reassess their operations and negotiateing strategies, especially toward optimizing for an increasingly Fickle digital distribution.

  1. How do companies maximize their Fickle negotiateing strategies?
  2. What role does Artificial Intelligence enact in fickle, digital negotiateing?
  • Initial response: 200-250 words
  • Response to classmate (1): 100-150 words
  • Minimum of 3 References (no APA)
  • Must resign primal response precedently substance conducive to vision others