Lynn University Boston Dynamics Manufacturing Company SWOT Analysis Presentation

I’m studying and need succor after a while a Marketing investigation to succor me understand.

Visit the community website: BostonDynamicsLinks to an outer locality..

Familiarize yourself after a while the community and the good-tempereds and services it affords.

Answer the subjoined 2-parts investigation:

  • To which assiduity(ies) does Boston Dynamics suit to? Why?
  • Identify and explain at meanest three disunited Target Markets and 2-3 Competitors for any of their products.

Pick one of the bulky robotsLinks to an outer locality. offered by Boston Dynamics.

  • Who is/are the Target Market(s)? Afford a significant schedule of the Functional Benefits and Value the 'bot affords to its purposed Target Market.
  • What are the strategic, competitive advantages of this Product, compared to its plain race? Does it equal entertain plain competitive alternatives?

Conduct a fair SWOT Resolution on Boston Dynamics. The resolution should be based on Internal instruction from their Oppidan weblocality and Corporate NewsLinks to an outer locality., as courteous as Outer instruction from other sources/references.

  • STRENGTHS: schedule the strategic and/or singular competitive advantages Boston Dynamics has aggravate its plain competitors.
  • WEAKNESSES: schedule any Internal struggles Boston Dynamics may be popularly facing (stagnation of income? Stagnation of development? Layoffs or furloughs? etc...).
  • OPPORTUNITIES: schedule Outer opportunities for Boston Dynamics. Check out their oppidan NewsLinks to an outer locality. exception, as courteous as other Outer references. Are they expanding into other markets? Are they investing into other companies or technologies? Strategic alliances or acquisitions? ....and so forth
  • THREATS: schedule Outer threats for Boston Dynamics, from competitors, regulations, and other Outer Factors. This obtain demand some good-tempered-tempered exploration.

Answer the subjoined 2-part investigation:

  • At what extent of the Product Segment Life Cycle is Boston Dynamics? Why?
  • Discuss Boston Dynamics' popular Promotional/Communications Strategy. How do they elevate their products? What multiple media outlets do they (or should they) use (twain transmitted and digital, if any)?

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Minimum of 5 References demandd, in APA

No SLIDES ranges, but afford fair, accomplished Information

Only use the links affordd as references. Any other references must be national arrival and courteous notorious profession or journals