Lynn University Apple iPhone & Samsung Galaxy Promotional Strategies PPT

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The Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy are the most approved smartphones in the trade, and leaders in their appertaining segments. Twain products are heavily tradeed and promoted, but they element twain disputeences and concordantities in their Promotional Strategy.

  1. Explore how Apple promotes and advertises the iPhone (you can to-boot face up preceding models)
  2. Explore how Samsung promotes and advertises the Galaxy (you can to-boot face up preceding models)
  3. How do twain promotional strategies dispute? Explain/Demonstrate
  4. How do twain promotional strategies distribute concordant manoeuvre or messages? Explain/Demonstrate
  5. Which of the two, indifferent of whether you own one or not, do you like is promoted and advertised over effectively? Why?
  • Prepare a 5-6 slides Presentation (approx. one slide per minority overhead)
  • Minimum of 5 References required on a severed slide (APA)
  • Turn it In enabled, do not plagiarize
  • Be skilful to distribute your findings in class

No books! Articles and Journals or administrative Apple website only! APA 6th references