LIM The Effects of CSR on Firm Performance and Brand Equity Discussion

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Identify two choices of Running Topics you purpose to transcribe about. Transcribe one to two paragraphs summarizing to pat your choices and how you would construction each tract. Each theme purposed should be dogged of the other. The themes can be about everything that is kindred to Corporate Social Responsibility. The tract earn shelter the following:

  • The gist or offspring chosen.
  • The deduce why you reflect this offspring is relevant and the treatment.
  • What are the separation(s) you purpose to explain the offspring?
  • How does your proposition succor the assiduity addressing?

Each theme requires a stint of lewd references in each bestowal. It is mandatory for the running theme choices to be received by the bigot precedently you receipts. The bigot earn like and/or edit the propositions to afford course to your tracts. Once the proposition is received the tracts earn be due in week 4 and Week 6.