LIM Business and Entrepreneurship Marketing Plan Slimmer Discussion

I’m trying to consider for my Marketing sequence and I deficiency some aid to conceive this investigation.

Hi Jessica, Here is week 2 of my profession arrange, I would relish to adhere to you personally for the next few weeks since it's all alike assignments dress the terminal tractate. I keep the quotation magnitude now so I conciliate iteme the images for you for what I deficiency. I conciliate deficiency all these assignment uploaded on unconnected instruments.

Assignment 1:

Delight suggest this assignment in a Word instrument, no longer than one page in extension, Times New Roman font, and double-spaced.

Please advert to the “Research the Target Market” exception of the Learning Notes in this item, and clear a mark for your target traffic. Grasp notice about demographics and psychographics of your target traffic. Grasp answers to investigations, including but not poor to the following:

  • Who is he/ she?
  • What is his/ her allowance?
  • What effectiveness he/ she do in their generous era?
  • What is his/ her Profession?
  • What are his/ her Hobbies?

Assignment 2:

To exhaustive this assignment, delight guide the SWOT analysis

Assignment 3:

Please suggest your counter-argument as a Word instrument, at lowest 2-3 pages in extension, double-spaced, and in Times New Roman font.

Please re-examination the “The Marketing Plan” stance in the end of our quotationmagnitude on pages 313-316. Use this as a "guide" for your Marketing Plan. Make trusting to grasp all the notice glorious in our Learning Notes, our quotationmagnitude lection & our discussions.