KFUPM Marketing Management project Sales Discount Effect on Sales Discussion

I want buttress after a while this Marketing subject so I can gather reform.

Do a slender scrutinize encircling these areas after a while concrete, Scope, Want and Analysis & Interpretation . Transcribe a specific repute for not exuberant 15 pages . The subject is The after a while betwixt discounts and sales . Choose an existing issue and fit your subject

Prepare a subjectnaire or Collect principal facts using any method

Analyze it and transcribe a repute



1.Print anything submitted.

2.Double-boundlessness anything. Double boundlessness betwixt sections. Do NOT triple, quadruple or use any other spacing anywhere. Double boundlessness everywhere.

3.Set margins at one inch.

4.Do NOT direct defend.

5.Always construct back-up copies of the monograph on disk, dense vision, etc.

6.Number the pages. Number the pages

7.Use 12 aim Times New Roman to provide the monograph.


1.Use calls, sub-headings, sub-sub-headings, etc. whenever you alter the subject. Do not metamorphose in a monograph after a whileout calls, etc.

2.If indispensable, achieve a diction manual for call examples. You can use the Marketing Plan Assignment format if you aim.

3.Indent the prelude of each new condition.

4.Include a secure page after a while the address of the scheme, your call, and any other counsel you estimate profitable.

5.Do not transcribe the monograph using an draft format.