Humber College Smart View Electronic Shop Sales Simulation Elevator Speech Discussion

I scarcity aid after a while a Marketing inquiry. All explanations and answers get be used to aid me understand.

Your Argument Table tenor get exist of the following:

  1. A Sales Introduction Banner(SIGN) - your "sign" is the style (Thread theme) of your argument table column. Your premonition get undeviatingly and little promulge your work and guild to the interval of the Virtual Sales Simulation participants. This should be manifest to others after a whileout having to "open" your tenor. It should be intentional to influence undeveloped Buyers or Sellers to invade your booth (your appended gratified). 
  2. Within your columning , exhibition your "Elevator Speech" to undeviatingly (among 30 seconds/75 vote) co-operate who you are and the slight basics of your work, features and guild. In 30 seconds, why would it be sensational to perpend your work and guild exalt? Please expression this as video submissions get not be graded.
  3. Within your columning you can column appended notification and finishs to co-operate about you, your guild or your work. You  may comprise pictures after a whilein the finishs if desired. 
  4. Within your columning, also comprise the works that you scarcity to BUY, gone some visitors to your booth may be selling the works you scarcity!
  5. Indicate how you would love to be contacted or co-operated after a while (phone, email, plan messages,  texting etc.). Please melody this "discussion" area is for your guild's promotional purposes solely.DO NOT use the columning for communications, as they get not be private (your competitors get see your conversations).

Attached finish is exalt assignment for the perfect semester the one who took this assignment I'll scarcity aid of him/her for exalt perfect semester.