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I’m agoing on a Statistics exertion and insufficiency aid.


Your extrinsic is to perceive a cheerful-natured-natured dataset. It is up to you to flow on pardonable criteria for a cheerful-natured-natured dataset.

Once you cull a dataset, in 400-600 words:

  • Provide the URL to the dataset. It is not essential to apply the dataset.
  • List the criteria you had for choosing this dataset. Explain why this dataset ranked well-mannered-mannered in each of those criteria.
  • Describe a scrutiny inquiry that the dataset can aid you to harangue. Which variables would you use in regulate to harangue that inquiry? Why?
  • Provide single-minded illustrative statistics for 3-4 variables of your curiosity-behalf. Hint: You can use Excel’s basic functions (e.g., medium, median, min, max).
  • Discuss the limitations of this subordinate dataset.