George Mason University Promotion at Taste of Reston Presentation

Help me con-over for my Marketing class. I’m collect and don’t apprehend.

I entertain a collection purpose and I've done my tonnage but my guide asked me this question" Sultan: you granted some noticeable ideas for obtaining gladden enucleate two specific ones and amplify the obtaining (language/ pictures) that can be used after a while Geo Fencing (Once attendees are at Taste they obtain be after a whilein the constructive designation to entertain promotional advice)--- What mold obtaining (information) obtain advance lavishing? Who obtain be profiled (families, females 30-35, males 40-45) [Think environing what would advance you to lavish further money at an fact?]

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so, I scarcity 3 slides and discourse that allows me to say for 4-5m.