Cuyahoga Community College Developing OOH and Radio AD Samsung Gear VR Presentation

I don’t comprehend how to touch this Marketing topic and deficiency control.

5 pages of ppt

* Based upon target conference, mark positioning and key consumer favors of the work you keep clarified, unfold the forthcoming ads that are distribute of a war:

Page 1. OOH Billboard ad - use best practices to unfold this ad

Page 2. Explain rationale for concept for this ad, best practices they manifest and why it obtain be powerful to train awareness and trigger dissipation interest

Page 3. Create a script for a :30 radio ad. Provide script and if feasible tape of the ad and bestow it.

Page 4. Explain rationale for this ad, which best practices you industrious and why it is best portraiture to penetrate target, what is key favor that is clarified to emphasize and why, and finally, how does it restrain watchfulness and humor through portraiture solely, no visual.

Page 5. Provide tabulation or disposal of why you unfolded this overall war spiritual tendency and why you consider it obtain be most powerful for the target you keep clarified.