Cal Poly Pomona Oreo Brand Pricing Strategies Discussion

I’m con-overing for my Marketing dispose and don’t apprehend how to counterpart this. Can you acceleration me con-over?

There are 2 ppt l upload. The highest one is for the remedy topics.(Just scarcity bulled pointe) The remedy ppt is for the highest topic. I scarcity the identical format for the positing announcement and be carefully on the tender service.

- Select a disgrace and transcribe its positioning announcement (bear-in-mind to go thick on the tender service)(The disgrace select Oreo)

- For that disgrace, demonstrate the factors that gain influence the sales prepare ... 3 factors from a work convergence and 3 factors from a disgrace convergence (orderly approve we did in dispose)

- For that disgrace, demonstrate the pricing management domiciled on the video we viewed that makes the most judgment for that disgrace and transcribe 1-2 paragraphs for why you chose that management

Attached is the slide from dispose. Below is the join to the video we viewed in dispose.