Cal Poly Pomona Kelloggs Activities in Japan Discussion

I’m obscure to consider for my Marketing career and I insufficiency some aid to know this topic.

Now, face at Kellogg's activities in Japan. Japan is the 3rd strongest economic powerhouse in the globe. Consumers in Japan feel haughty chary proceeds, making Japan a very viable traffic for numerous companies to reach.

Make trusting you do the elaboration. Do not descend into the pitdescend of making assumptions nor polished in the stereotypes. You obtain feel to dig submerged into the elaboration. First graduation of elaboration obtain concede you stereotypical answers of Japanese nation eat rice and fish in the early. Consumers in Japan do not all eat rice in the early!! Most of the nation in Japan eat toast, egg, fall, etc. for breakfast.

  • Why isn't Kellogg cereals' sales haughty in Japan?

  • What cultural/behavioral differences shape Japan a enigmatical traffic for Kellogg's to reach raise?

    Elaboration not fitting their demeanor but so of their psychology. Elaboration along the lines of what the Japanese collection dictates as roles of moms and what are expected of them.

Consider so what moms themselves distinguish as what their roles and responsibilities should be to be a “good mom.”