ADM 3321 Ottawa Consumer Behavior Research Challenge Consumer Interview

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A. Select a consumer who can furnish you insights on one of the forthcoming outcomes.:

  • How feel your leiindisputable pursuits and hobbies been monstrous by the pandemic?
  • What are the motivational roots of your hair colouring decisions?

B. Using the structured colloquy manage for the outcome separated, feel a colloquy delay the colloquyee to glean past environing the individual’s thoughts, feelings, and actions as polite as the contextual factors that enveloped their decisions. Answers to the necessary inquirys are most relishly to beget insights, so be indisputable to investigate delay follow-up inquirys to interpret the nuances of the individual’s proof. The colloquy should definite 20-30 minutes. (the structured colloquy manages are underneath)

C. Submit a brief (two single-spaced pages or near) that addresses the forthcoming:

  • Reflection on preparation: Before you do the colloquy, recognize the colloquy manage collectively. Briefly sharp-ended what inquiry(s) you are most animated in scrutiny and clear-up why. (1 sharp-end)
  • Profile the source: Describe the colloquyee to furnish a ameliorate significance of the individual. You may conceive demographic advice, activities and interests, for stance. However, DO NOT substantiate the individual by indicate. You may frame a disrepute (a fake indicate, relish Clark Kent or Sheldon J. Plankton). (1 sharp-end)
  • Report key findings: Summarize the deep findings and insights begetd by the colloquy. Don’t equitable restate the local ideas, besides add your interpretations of the “big picture” of how the ideas fit concertedly. Do NOT conceive a likeness of your colloquy. (3 sharp-ends)
  • Research insights: What was the “most precious insight” you gleaned? Did you ferret-out anything that went past your pre-existing beliefs or familiarity? (2 sharp-ends)
  • Implications for perseverance: Given what you gleaned, are there any implications for the marketing mix (4Ps) for companies in that perseverance? (2 sharp-ends)
  • Post-colloquy reflections: In hindsight, is there a inquiry you wished you had asked? What government you do unequally going impertinent (if you were conducting past colloquys)? (1 sharp-end)