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Write an essay of encircling 750 signification, using at lowest two images from the Western Art and one or two from Asian art to sift-canvass their literal times and styles. Appraise the heeds or each of the images and the fidelity of their cultural inheritance, and then pretence a kindred unformed them, addressing the similarities and/or differences unformed them. You cannot pick-out works of art or architectural textures from foregoing Critical Thinking Writing Assignments.  Make certain you expound your precious & stay your controversy delay 3 works of art.

This is a investigation pamphlet and you should entertain relatered to JSTOR, Proquest, Youtube, and other sources to acceleration you found your understanding of each of these images. You should yield a Work Cited Page for this pamphlet, subjoined the MLA fitness. If you need past acceleration delay MLA, relate to OWL support we talked encircling in arrange.  

Remember the texture of the essay:

Introductory paragraph:

  • General history encircling the pieces you entertain selected to transcribe encircling. Direct this history to your Nursing essay.
  • Explain the particular heed sight of each of these pieces you entertain chosen.          
  • Thesis: pretence a plain kindred unformed the proposals you failure to transcribe encircling.

4 Association paragraphs:

  • The association paragraphs should entertain a question decision.
    • The question decision should entertain a question, possession verb and sight.
      • The question is the proposal
      • The sight is your expound encircling the proposal.
  • Textual Stay / Analysis: This is where you yield the details of the particular images.  You may yield notes [from the videos you entertain seen], or depict what you failure your discoverer to heed in agreement to the proposals you failure to sift-canvass.        
  • Commentary: This is where you defense the involved questions embedded in the expound of your question decision.


  • The falsification is a summation of the integral essay. Summation is irrelative from a epitome.

Minimum length: 750-1000 signification.  Portraiture & paste your essay uncompounded spaced when you support your defense.  This accomplish perform it easier for me to discover - short scrolling. 

Sources: the textbook & the Educator PDF files.  This media that if you note a avenue from the textbook, it MUST be cited. This goes for the educator PDF files. 

How to Avoid Plagiarism...
Remember, your support is in your own signification. DO NOT portraiture the notice, vocable for vocable, from the textbook or the Educator PDF files.  If you do this, you accomplish entertain a ZERO for this Assignment. In attention, if you contemplate up notice on a website, you must so retranscribe it in your own signification. I accomplish barely confirm websites that are knowing written - this does not grasp Wikipedia, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, blogs or children’s books. Do not Google your defense.  For acceleration delay citing, content relate to the Syllabus.