ENG 5811 UM Classical View of Project Management Essay


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ENG 5811 UM Classical View of Project Management Essay
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You are expected to prepare a written response to the essay task below. In
doing so you will be provided with a template with a set of questions designed
to improve you critical thinking and research skills in preparation of your
response to the actual essay task.
You are expected to find your own five (5) sources from the list of journals
below. All of your academic articles must come from this list. You can draw
from as many of these journals as you wish. You must use Harvard
referencing style.
Using the template posted below, you should present your essay with an
introduction, a carefully considered logical argument, a clear critical position
and an appropriate conclusion. Please do not use any sub-headings in your
essay as they interrupt the flow of argument.

Based on theory and evidence, critically analyze why the
classical view of project management is increasingly criticized for being
insufficient for practice and outline potential improvements