Draft the heads of contract for international sale of goods…. 1 answer below »

Draft the heads of contract for international sale of goods.

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Draft the heads of contract for international sale of goods…. 1 answer below »
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Example of description; lawyers are often said to be most effective when they apply well-developed writing skills. Why is effective writing such an important asset in international business contracts? what are some of risks faced by businesses when a contract is poorly draft? This example is a description by my instructor.

The topic is: To draft the heads of a contract for international sale of goods.

Notice to the writer: You are only being asked to draft the heads of the clauses, not the clauses themselves . You are free to add material to the clauses but it is not required for this assignment.

Attached is a reference if you need some informations about international business law.

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Globalization of the Environment
The Global Regulatory Dimensions
Global Dispute Resolution Dimensions
Global Ethical Dimensions


Topic 1: Globalization of the Environment


The international legal system does not operate in a vacuum but it is an integral dimension of the wider global environment in which the transformative forces of globalization in a rapidly integrated and interdependent world economy has accentuated the significance of legal norms in international business transactions. Throughout history, whether by custom, treaty, statute, or judicial initiatives, a body of legal principles has emerged, shaped by the changing dynamic of the relevant historical era, to regulate and influence the conduct of international transactions in the global environmental milieu. The dimensions of the international legal environment include an analysis of the forces of globalization, the regulatory, dispute resolution, and ethical considerations impacting international business law. It should be noted that the words international and global are used interchangeably and international law is broadly defined to mean a body of formal or informal rules, norms and regulations, both public and private in nature, that impact global business transactions including regulating the behavior and conduct between nations states, between nation states and persons (including MNCs) and between persons of different nation states (August, 2004).

One of the more fundamental features in recent years has been the growing interdependence and integration of the world economy in which major global actors, including the multinational corporation (MNC), global organizations, and the nation state act and react upon each other, giving rise to a complex web of relationships encapsulated in the concept of globalization, impacting the development and growth of international…