Central Washington University Military Response


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Central Washington University Military Response
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Hey Jedit

The Department of Homeland Security definitely has a National interest in the United States public safety, and honestly that’s exactly why it was founded in 2002 in response to the attacks on September 11, 2001. The Department not only works with other agencies, but it absorbed agencies when it was made such as FEMA and the United States Coast Guard. The Military’s role has changed a little, but overall, I don’t think so. The United States National Guard can be activated if our homeland is attacked or if there is a crisis and they’re needed; however, our active duty Military forces are going to protect the base they’re stationed at in order to properly secure the assets in that location along with the personnel. So basically, we’re still consistent in protecting assets, protecting personnel, and following orders in order to get what’s best for the United States. With that being said not much has changed. What’s changed is our technology and the locations of where we do these things. I enjoyed reading your post.

Very Respectfully,