BUA 102 Rowan College at Gloucester County Management Paper


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BUA 102 Rowan College at Gloucester County Management Paper
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Focus on the article : Blue bell is accused of “recall creep” in its handling of ice cream Contamination”. In • Principle of Management. Copyright 2018 by McGraw-Hill Education.
• Soft Copy Book ISBN-10 1309069875     ISBN-13:9781309069875

Individual Critical Analysis, Learning Reflection and Application to Practice papers: You are required to submit TWO 2-3 page (single spaced, one inch margins) ?Critical Analysis, Learning Reflection, and Application to Practice? (CALRAP) paper of the readings assigned to any TWO cases (your choice) of Sessions 2 to 4, with the single restriction that the first of these CALRAP papers must address one of Sessions 2-4. See the last three pages of this syllabus for guidelines on how to complete these CALRAP papers. Note that you may choose to submit up to three CALRAP papers, and have the best two papers grade count toward your course grade. A CALRAP paper for a particular session must be submitted on Blackboard prior to the beginning of that class session.