Bio – you are investigating the energy production in a thermophilic

You are investigating the ardor genesis in a thermophilic bacterium lowly from Old Faithful. In the career of your studies, you invent a new coenzyme, BIF. Meticulous experiments pomp that this bacterium produces BIFH2, NADH, and FADH2 in substrate oxidation reactions and regenerates the oxidized make of these coenzymes in the intercourse of O2 via an electron enravishment rule.
In individualization to the three coenzymes mentioned over, five cytochromes pomp to be concerned in electron enravishment. You appetition to map the course of electron enravishment in this bacterium and you comprehend that this is mitigated past the oxidized and abject avows of all 8 contents mentioned over can be eminent experimentally.
In your trial to make-plain the situation of BIF amid the course, the subjoined are determined: 1) the steady-avow smooth of oxidation of each content in the intercourse of substrates and O2 and 2) the limit of oxidation of each content in the intercourse of substrates, O2, and inhibitors of electron enravishment. Your results are pompn in the consideration beneath (note: +++ = largely oxidized & -- = largely abject; Cyt 1, Cyt 2, etc. manifest cytochrome 1, 2, etc.):
See solid rasp for oxidation avow chart 

From these basis, entice a diagram of the most mitigated course for electron enravishment in this organism. You demand not pomp where the inhibitors obstruct the course but, if you do, that’s ok as courteous. Hint: the course of electron career can be direct or branched.