BIO 101 Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles Essay


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BIO 101 Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles Essay
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The idea is to avoid reading a science textbook like a novel. Instead, 

study and write notes in this form by making 2 outlines and then a more 

detailed summary, something like this:

1. Write down the chapter title and the concept titles


Go through the chapter again writing the chapter title and concept 

titles but this time within each concept, write down all of the headings

and subheadings as well.

3. Go through the chapter a third time,

but this time, do an in-depth study of all the paragraphs and figures 

within each concept. As you read a paragraph, ask yourself questions 

about what you are reading and then try to answer the questions.

Your notes the 3rd time around make look something like this: