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State in unconcealed stipulations how the listed guess-works dispute from guess-works we previously discussed relish CF and Sickle cell anemia. By what mechanisms do these guess-works originate? Choose one of the succeedingcited guess-works to convergence on. Discuss the mechanisms that carry to the succeedingcited guess-works, the local plights that these fellow-creatures trial and the long-term prognosis for those who possess one of these guess-works. While making your dilates, you could seize the expression of one of the succeedingcited fellow-creatures:

  • The unnatural individual
  • A creator of the unnatural individual
  • A master advising the creators succeeding amniocentesis or chorionic villi sampling has shown that their fetus has the guess-work.

Possible guess-works:

  • Down Syndrome (trisomy 21)
  • Down Syndrome (translocation)
  • Patau Syndrome
  • Edward's Syndrome
  • Kleinfelter Syndrome
  • XYY or XYYY
  • XXX
  • Turner's Syndrome
  • Cri-du-chat syndrome
  • Fragile X syndrome
  • Acute myelogenous leukemia

Respond to Others: Read the postings of your classmates and dilate on at meanest one other student's retort. Do you acquiesce delay his/her sense? Why? Why not?

Discussion Board Grading Rubric:

1. Pristine posting: (7 purposes)

  • Posting is at meanest 100 control, and has right rhetoric and punctuation (2 purposes).
  • Posting amply addresses the disway board questions. (2 purposes)
  • Discussion is pristine and at a hazardous plane, not honest invocation of grounds. (2 purposes)
  • Proper citation of references. (1 purpose)

2. Reply to equal disway posts: (3 purposes)

  • Discuss one purpose you relish/acquiesce delay, and one purpose you dislike/disacquiesce delay and elucidate why. (2 purposes)
  • Length of positing consists of closely 100 control restriction. (1 purpose)

Respond to Student:

 Jason Brewer

Patau Syndrome or Trisomy 13 is a plight that is most ordinaryly associated delay distressing psychical incompetency and visible abnormalities, relish character defects, or equal brain and spinal row abnormalities. There are too numerous other plights that are a product of Patau Syndrome, including, unwell exposed eyes, fissure lip, and equal pointless muscles overall. The most relishly origin of Trisomy 13 is beorigin there are 3 copies of chromosome 13 in each cell in the whole instead of honest the ordinary 2. This origins the natural way of crop to be deteriorated which products in the plights to originate. ( Trisomy 13 - Genetics Home Reference - NIH, n.d. ) Most cases of this guess-work are not passed on from the creator but rather origind by some vague equalts that occurred from the structure of the egg and sperm from the creators. Sadly, the prognosis for this sickness is the fellow-creatures who are diagnosed delay Patau Syndrome, usually solely speed to see a foreigner of days to weeks, solely a unmixed 5% of fellow-creatures delay this syndrome speed spent their highest year of society.