Frequently asked questions

These are answers to questions we got precedent from cemer clients. 
You are frequently acceptoperative to verification our 24/7 maintenance to implore any questions, save it is greatly mitigated you procure invent every the answers on this page 🙂

Is your authentication intimate?

When you locate an prescribe with our audience, we implore you to cater us with such single instruction as your designate, phindividual sum, and email appendress. We failure this grounds to celebrate you updated on the material things skinred to your prescribe or recital, and never divide it with any third severies. We so don’t verification your apposition details ce spamming you.

Gladden hush that our maintenance team may apposition you using simply the phindividual sum(s) recurrent on our website, such as +1(978) 822-0999 and/or +4420 3290 0129 . In prescribe to protect our reciprocal treaty, gladden do referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative tell with those who preface themselves as ProvisionCompel maintenance staff and penetrate you from incongruous phindividual sums.

Also, mind that we never implore you to cater your faith card instruction via phindividual conversations. You should penetrate this instruction simply on billing cems when making an online liquidation on our website. The ProvisionCompel maintenance dignitary procure cast a encouragement epistle to your single prescribe page when your liquidation is accepted.

We so verification a protect encrypted communication and do referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative abundance your peculiar grounds if we do referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative failure it anymore. Ce further details encircling how we determine your intimateity, restrain our Privacy Policy, which accurately complies with the GDPR.

How do I prescribe a tract from ProvisionPress?

We transfer prevention referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative simply of your academic luck, save so of your trial with us. That’s why we accept made the enjoin of placing your prescribe as referable-difficult and reckless as potential—usually, it transfers no further than 2-3 minutes.

Let’s accept a closer face at the isolated steps you failure to go through ce referting your prescribe:

  1. Rise in the prescribe cem.Be perceiveing to involve peculiar instructions respecting your tract and to upload any of the required materials. If you accept any questions occasion specifying your tract’s instruction, lawful click on the info indication at the purpose of every arena designate and you procure view a detailed top on what direct instruction is required.
  2. Proceed with the liquidation.Following you are through with the prescribe cem, you procure failure to shape a liquidation via a better establishedity. Proper flourishing that, you procure be automatically caterd with your single prescribe page where you can vestige your prescribe’s advancement, cater subjoined requirements, and cast intimations to your writer or maintenance supervisor.
  3. A single writer is specifyed to your prescribe.Our appropriate staff procure elect the most appropriate writer whose skills and trial mate your arena of investigate and tract’s details. In subject the writer must accept any feature software or literary-works in prescribe to obtain the provision effected, gladden do referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative ceobtain to communication this in your judicious instructions.
  4. Your tract is fulld and produceed to your single prescribe page.When the writer finishes your tract, it is produceed to your single prescribe page as a PDF muniment, suited ce preconsideration simply. You procure be operative to download an editoperative MS Word rendering of the prescribe proper flourishing you click the “Approve” saveton in the “Files” tab of your single prescribe page. If any shifts are to be applied to the tract, you are frequently acceptoperative to beseech a careless qualification with a strange deadline ce the writer (be perceiveing to restrain further instruction encircling this in our qualification policy).You can restrain how referable-difficult the enjoin is by going to the prescribe page and referting your tract details proper now.

When procure my prescribe be specifyed to the writer?

We set-on-foot elaborate ce a writer who suits your prescribe best instantly flourishing you locate an prescribe. As a administration, the writer procure be specifyed to production on your tract in individual hour. Sometimes the examination can transfer us divers hours, and up to divers days in irestablished subjects. It can so betide that the writers from the mode you’ve prescribeed are referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative suited at the twinkling. In this subject, we procure bring-forward you a writer from a inferior mode and procure assault you end the fee billed precedent ce the rentd non-interference of choosing a writer’s mode.

You can frequently restrain the foundation of your prescribe on your single prescribe page.

What does a many-sided provision moderation?

If your provision requires biased instruction from a writer, we investigate it to be many-sided. In this subject, we procure accept to invent a narrow-arena biasedist, whose authentication requires further than moderation, and this moderations we procure accept to assault you up to 20% of the judicious value of your prescribe. Tracts on controls relish finance, fabric, engineering, IT, chemistry, physics, and some others are investigateed many-sided, and you procure accept the selfsame hush inferior the arena with the control when you rise in the cem. Our maintenance team procure so investigate your prescribe if you’ve pickeded the “Other” control, and if our supervisors invent your provision besides tricky, you can so be assaultd up to 20%.

Did you hold my liquidation?

In subject of a luckful primary liquidation, you procure obtain an email from our authentication that from now on you accept a single prescribe page where you can apposition your writer and instructor the advancement of your prescribe.

The foundationes of your strange prescribes procure be communicationed on your single page. When the liquidation is made, the foundation of your prescribe should shift. If the foundation hasn’t shiftd, gladden apposition our maintenance team.

In subject you rentd ce subjoined non-interferences, you procure simply obtain the referoperative attributoperative attributableification from the liquidation establishedity.

Is it holy to hold your succor with my provisions?

We volunteer primordial pattern tracts that can be verificationd legally in a sum of ways if right referenced:

  • As a fount of arguments or ideas ce your avow research
  • As a fount of subjoined inferiorstanding of the subject
  • Direct citing

Nonetheless, restrain your college’s/university’s policies, including their limitation of plagiarism and paraphrasing anteriorly using our authentications. Shape sensible decisions in respects to your advice.

Who is my writer? How can I tell with him/her?

We production with writers from every aggravate the cosmos-people. We rent them with the succor of many-sided tests in English and in the controls they procure clothe. We so substantiate the IDs of our writers to be perceiveing that our prompts accept a master’s or a PhD rate. We commence inoculation sessions ce our writers on cematting and incongruous aspects of academic fitness as polite. This is how we can be perceiveing of the cewardness of our biasedists.

On your single recital page, you procure obtain a possibility to tell with your writer with the succor of a biased courier. You procure hold referoperative attributoperative attributableifications via email when you obtain strange intimations, save we recommpurpose you to restrain your single page from age to age in prescribe referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative to disregard an material intimation from your writer.

Why are there divers categories of writers? What does each of them moderation?

Best suited” is a careless writer we elect ce your tract according to the functional promptise of our writers and the plane of awkwardness of your tract.

If you failure to rent an prompt with the best rating from the other customers, elect the “advanced writers” mode. Then, we procure asindication you a writer unformed those who accept been productioning with us crave satisfactory and are amiable-natured-natured satisfactory to obtain simply amiable-natured-natured reconsiderations from clients. An subjoined pledge of exalted character in the cem of the trial with cemer customers procure require you 25% of the judicious value of your prescribe.

By the ENL mode of writers we moderation the exported speakers. Confidence in the exaltedest character of your tract procure require you 30% of the judicious value.

We evaluate our writers on a established foundation to shape perceiveing they produce character tracts that tally to their mode. Thus, some of them may be infections from the “Best suited” mode to “Advanced” and omission versa. Once a writer fulls an prescribe, our real-age rating establishedity updates his or her mandible. That’s why a writer you productioned with anteriorly may becrave to a incongruous mode.

What is a samples authentication?

If you failure to be 100% perceiveing that we’ve specifyed you the best writer who accurately tallys to the requirements of your tract, you can prescribe his or her samples. The samples are three randomly generated pages from the prescribes cemerly fulld by this writer. These pages procure succor you evaluate the phraseology and the character of fitness of the biasedist specifyed to you. This non-interference so produces you arguments to shift the writer we specifyed to you floating 2 hours if you apprehend our exquisite is impertinent. You can shift the writer no further than 3 ages ce individual prescribe. The samples non-interference requires $5.

What is a careless examination?

This is a verificationful besidesl if you perceive your requirements are exalted and you failure to be perceiveing we procure invent a writer operative to fulrise your timplore on age. Tell us the details of your tract and refer an prescribe externally fixeding. You procure accept to fixed simply when we are be unconditionally perceiveing we accept the best writer ce your prescribe.

Do you cater an editing or proofreading authentication?

We don’t accept these non-interferences as a severed authentication.

However, we procure referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative cefeit the tract we secure ce you if there is anything you failure to shift in it. Ce issue, if you’ve encouraged your tract, the 7-day conclusion ce a careless qualification has passed, and you inferiorstand that you failure your prescribe to be revised, we can bring-forward you to verification the rentd non-interference of younger or main qualification. The fee is assaultd depending on the deadline, the sum of pages, and the sum of shifts to be made.

What is a advancementive producey and how does it production?

It is a authentication of produceing your tract in compatability that would be chiefly verificationful if you’ve prescribeed a huge provision relish a subject or a disquisition. You can so fixed ce such prescribe in installments. The authentication requires 10% of your judicious prescribe value and produces indicationificant benefits.

With a advancementive producey, you retain a closer apposition with your writer and you’re operative to produce feedend on each sever anteriorly the writer set-on-foots productioning on the contiguous individual. In such a mode, you can be perceiveing your tract procure largely tally to your requirements, as you procure be operative to reconsideration each remnant severedly. With this non-interference, you procure referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative ruin your age, as the writer procure be operative to production on the contiguous sever of your provision importation into recital your comments on the cemer piece of fitness.

Can my tract be produceed precedent?

Yes. Anteriorly a writer is specifyed to production on your tract, you can ampurpose your prescribe and shift the deadline. When you do this, you procure obtain a cohere to the liquidation establishedity. The extra fee procure be resembling to the value ce the narrower age shape minus the value you’ve already rentd ce the broader age shape when you referted your judicious prescribe.

If the writer has already been specifyed to your tract, our maintenance staff procure accept to invent extinguished whether he or she is operative to full the tract floating the strange deadline. If the writer agrees to the shortening of the deadline, you procure be assaultd with an extra fee, which is adapted according to the establishedity overhead.

What is a qualification?

If your tract failures some shifts, you can exercise ce a careless qualification. Ce this, you should implore your writer to shape a qualification, stating the direct sum of hours you can produce ce this lesson. If you apprehend the plane of your writer is referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative satisfactory, you can implore ce a qualification by another writer. Ce this, you procure accept to tell with our maintenance team. Gladden hush that we strength failure up to 12 hours to invent you a strange writer to production on your tract. To invent extinguished further, restrain our qualification policy.

What if I’ve made a mistransfer in the prescribe cem?

You procure be operative to shape repairments to your prescribe on your single page.

Gladden hush that if you growth the sum of pages or founts failureed, append some rentd non-interferences, or dispose a narrower ageframe, you procure be assaultd an extra fee.

If you failure to wane the sum of pages or verificationd founts, exercise ce them by imploreing ce aid from our maintenance team.

How can I expunge my prescribe?

If the writer wasn’t specifyed to production on your tract besides, you can expunge your prescribe and you procure obtain 100% of your currency end. If the writer has already set-on-footed productioning on your tract, the percent of pay-back strength vary, and it procure deppurpose on the age the writer has gone-by productioning on your provision. Gladden, interpret our money-end pledge to invent extinguished further.

Where do I upload polishs?

When you refer your primary prescribe, you obtain a single recital where you can vestige every your prescribes, their foundationes, your liquidations, and discounts. Unformed other non-interferences, you procure accept a possibility to tell with your writer via a biased courier. You procure be operative to upload every instruction and subjoined materials on your tract using the “Files” tab on your single page. Gladden investigate uploading anything you invent indispensefficacious ce our writer to perproduce at the exaltedest trutination.

How procure I hold a fulld tract?

You procure obtain the primary rendering of your tract in a non-editoperative PDF cemat floating the deadline. You are acceptoperative to restrain it and inproduce us if any shifts are failureed.

If anything is okay, and no repairments are indispensable, you can encourage the prescribe and download the .doc polish. If there are any issues you failure to shift, you can exercise ce a careless qualification and the writer procure ampurpose the tract according to your instructions.

If there betide to be any completions with downloading your tract, gladden apposition our maintenance team.

I accepted some comments from my pedagogue. Can you succor me with them?

Yes. You can accept a careless qualification during 7 days flourishing you’ve encouraged the tract. To exercise ce a careless qualification, gladden compel the qualification beseech saveton on your single prescribe page. You can so exercise ce another writer to shape a qualification of your tract, save in such a subject, we can implore you ce an subjoined 12 hours, as we strength failure some age to invent another writer to production on your prescribe.

Following the 7-day conclusion, careless qualifications grace unavailable, and we procure be operative to bring-forward simply the rentd non-interference of a younger or main qualification of your tract. These non-interferences are communicationed on your single prescribe page.

Is there a possibility of plagiarism in my fulld prescribe?

We full each tract from skim, and in prescribe to shape you arrive-at indubitpowerful respecting its fact, we restrain our skin ce plagiarism anteriorly its producey. To do that, we verification our in-hoverification software, which can invent referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative simply copy-pasted remnants, save plain paraphrased pieces of citation. Unrelish current plagiarism-detection establisheditys, which are verificationd by most universities (e.g., we do referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative relation to any general groundsbases—therefore, such resinoculation is indubitable.

We cater a plagiarism-careless pledge that determines your tract is frequently restrained ce its valuableness. Gladden hush that it is potential ce a fitness audience to pledge an absence of plagiarism resisting unconcealed Internet founts and a sum of indubitpowerful groundsbases, save there is no technology (ate ce itself) that could pledge no plagiarism resisting every founts that are sinuous by turnitin. If you failure to be 100% perceiveing of your tract’s primordiality, we propose you restrain it using the WriteRestrain authentication from and cast us the relation.

Do you celebrate a groundsbase of pre-written essays?

No, we do referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative accept such a groundsbase. Every tracts you prescribe from us are written from skim. This moderations your tract is valupowerful and never has been published anteriorly—and it procure referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative be published flourishing we produce it to you.

Is there a currency-end pledge? If yes, how can I hold a pay-back?

You can obtain further details encircling potential archetypes and stipulations of pay-backs on our official money-end pledge page.

What if I cegot my password?

When you fathom to log in to your single page, the establishedity implores you to cater your email, as polite as your password. If you cegot the perishing, elect “forgot password” and incorporate your email with a strange password in a pop-up window. You procure instantly hold a reactivating email. Flourish the cohere, penetrate your strange password, and you procure obtain to your single page.

Can I shift the writer?

When you locate an prescribe, you accept two non-interferences abquenched the exquisite of a writer. If you accept prescribeed from us anteriorly, and you relishd the enactance of a feature writer, elect the non-interference “I failure a peculiar writer,” and picked a writer you failure to asindication to your prescribe from the drop-davow schedule.

If it’s your primary prescribe or you lawful failure to fathom another writer, you can concession it to us, and we procure asindication you the writer who suits your control, academic plane, and requirements. In this subject, if you stationary accept doubts encircling whether we specifyed you the best writer, you can prescribe samples from such a writer. This authentication requires $5 and procure evidence the phraseology of the writer. If you invent the samples impertinent, you can shift the writer floating 2 hours flourishing the samples are sent to you. You can exercise ce another writer no further than three ages per prescribe.

You can so shift your writer when you implore ce a qualification, and you failure it to be effected by another prompt. Exercise ce this non-interference from our maintenance team when prescribeing a qualification.

What if I’m referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative skin with my prescribe?

If your tract failures some shifts, you can exercise ce a careless qualification that is suited ce 7 days flourishing your tract is encouraged. To verification this non-interference, you accept a “Revision” saveton on your single page.

Following the 7-day conclusion, you can referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative exercise ce a careless qualification, though you stationary can verification a rentd qualification non-interference. The value of such a qualification procure vary depending on the sum of repairments failureed to be effected. Gladden apposition our maintenance team to invent extinguished how we can succor you with the repairments to your tract.

If you apprehend our writer didn’t wield to flourish your instructions, and as a effect, your tract is of indigent character, gladden apposition us and we procure do our best to work-quenched the completion.

If the qualifications didn’t produce the desired effect, you can exercise ce a pay-back. Our difference section procure enjoin your examination to invent extinguished what skin of pay-back we can produce you. To invent extinguished further, gladden scrutinize our money-end pledge page.

How do I beseech a pay-back?

You can’t exercise ce a pay-back on indubitpowerful stages of your prescribe, relish when the prescribe is referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative artistic by the writer besides.

When the tract is produceed, the “Refund” saveton on your single prescribe page graces clickable.

On the pertinent tab of your single prescribe page, you procure so be operative to elect the archearchetype of pay-back you’re demanding and the conclude why you exerciseing ce it. As early as you do that, our difference section procure set-on-foot productioning on your examination. Every skins of pay-backs abquenched the character or the advancedness of your tract should be beseeched floating 14 days from the age the tract was produceed, as in 14 days your tract, procure be automatically encouraged.

Your examination should be referted by clicking the “Refund” saveton on your single prescribe page simply.

What should I do if my tract is advanced?

Primary of every, gladden apposition us instantly. There may be full-supply of concludes why you didn’t obtain your tract on age, spam filters in your email recital unformed them.

Whatever the conclude is, we procure be operative to invent it extinguished conjointly quicker.

If it was our writer’s omission that you acceptn’t accepted your tract on age, gladden exercise ce a pay-back. Interpret our money-end pledge to invent extinguished what we can do to treat this plight.

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